Kari Lake Taunts Katie Hobbs on Gender, Dares Her to ‘Milk a Bull’

Politics is full of bull, and politicians often cry over spilled milk. But here’s to hoping those two things never come together. Recently, Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake gave them a good chance.

During a campaign stop over the weekend, Kari challenged opponent Katie Hobbs over gender ideology.

She talked numbers to the Morristown crowd:

“Katie Hobbs thinks there are 47 different genders. I’ll tell ya what: I’m not a biology major, but there are two genders, guys. Two.”

According to current scientific standards, Kari may have disqualified herself:

On the other hand, Kari suggested an experiment for Katie to perform:

“Since we’re here at a rodeo, Katie, I’ve got a challenge for you…”

Her recommendation deserves a “Don’t Try This at Home” disclaimer:

“Katie Hobbs, why don’t you go out and try to milk a bull?”

“And tell me how that goes,” she continued.

Kari’s not the first to conceive of such a test. The movie Kingpin delved into the endeavor. According to Woody Harrelson’s character, the misidentified “cow” “sure was a stubborn one.”

“It took a little while to get her warmed up,” he explains.

With any luck, Katie won’t take Kari’s challenge and milk it for all its worth.

As for 47 Genders vs. Two, it’s quite the face-off. And it aptly illustrates America’s increasingly ideological divide. As you may know, the race in Arizona is close. Though Katie has refused to debate with Kari and called her a “conspiracy theorist,” polls show the Republican has taken the lead.

Regarding her refusal to debate, Arizona Secretary of State Katie touted the smooth move to HuffPost:

“A debate never helps a candidate win. I mean, it is — we’re talking to voters, and I guarantee it’s not something they’re concerned about. I guarantee the person who is rationing their insulin or opening their refrigerator and figuring out how they’re going to put food on the table with the groceries they have left for the week…isn’t going to open their ballot and say, ‘Damn, I wish Katie had done a debate.'”

RedState’s Bonchie was less than impressed:

“Those may be the words of the most out-of-touch human being on the planet. She truly believes she is entitled to the governor’s office without having to do anything to show respect to the voters. Debates may not always be cataclysmic events, but there are plenty of examples of candidates saving themselves by debating. Most recently, Herschel Walker went from being dead in the water in Georgia to right back in the thick of things with a strong debate performance.”

If Katie won’t even agree to a debate, presumably, she’ll forego a farmhand dare.

Even so, Kari latched on to a zinger. At her rally, she grabbed the opportunity and squeezed:

“Maybe we can give her a common-sense country education on the two genders. Send her out, and have her milk a bull.”

Please don’t, Katie Hobbs. Though you may want to advance trans rights, any success would hardly be a drop in the bucket.



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