Biological Male Volleyball Player’s Devastating Spike to Face Severely Injures Young Female Opponent

A female high school volleyball player in North Carolina recently suffered severe injuries to her head and neck after a biological male opponent hard-spiked a ball at an alleged 70 mph into her face.

As The Blaze reported earlier this month, Hiwassee Dam High School competed against Highlands High School in a girls’ volleyball tournament. During the game, an unnamed biological male playing for Highlands spiked a ball over the net and hit an unnamed Hiwassee Dam player directly in the face.

Outkick’s Ian Miller put the insanity into perspective:

For any serious person, it’s been abundantly clear that allowing transgender athletes (biological males) to compete against biological females can cause safety issues in girls’ sports.

The vast biological differences between biological males and females creates [sic] any number of problems, whether through competitive fairness or in the case of a North Carolina volleyball match, severe injury.

The Blaze reported on a local story out of Cherokee County, North Carolina, where a transgender player spiked a ball so forcefully that it caused “severe injuries” to a young girl’s head and neck.

There’s low-quality video of the incident, which shows the female volleyball player getting hit and collapsing, and then staying down for a substantial amount of time.

Did the guy intentionally hit the girl? Take a look:

The girl is still said to be experiencing long-term concussion symptoms, including vision problems, and has not been cleared to return to play, either by a physician or a neurologist. As a result of the girl’s injuries, the Cherokee County Board of Education voted 5-1 to cancel all future volleyball games against Highlands High School, citing a “safety issue.”

Outkick founder, radio show host, and Fox News contributor Clay Travis tweeted about the devastating injury to the girl — an injury that should never have happened.

A male volleyball player who identified as a woman spiked the volleyball so hard into a girl’s face that she required medical treatment for a concussion and still hasn’t been cleared to return to play. Another proud moment in “women’s” athletics.

Biological male swimmers crushing female swimmers is one thing. “Trans” volleyball players crushing female opponents’ faces is another. Stop the madness before someone dies in the name of “inclusivity.”

As noted by The Blaze, a long-serving coach allegedly persuaded at least one board member to vote in favor of canceling the games. Cherokee board member Joe Wood said: “A coach of 40 years said they’d never seen a hit like this. That was really what sealed the decision, at least on my part.”

Fellow board member Jeff Tatham estimated the ball was traveling 70 mph when it struck the girl’s face.

I don’t know if that’s faster than normal, but it seemed like it was coming off very fast, abnormally, especially fast. It not only hit her in the face, then the ball came off of her face with enough force to then go back through the net.

When is enough, enough? As I said, it’s time to end the “progressive” insanity before someone is killed.

Destroying the athletic dreams of young girls by forcing them to compete in games and tournaments against biological males pretending to be females is bad enough. Destroying a young girl’s health — or worse — is unforgivable. Makes a mockery out of inclusivity, doesn’t it?

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