What Trump Would Do Differently if Given a Second Chance

We’ve all been in certain situations where we wish things had gone differently, where we wish we could have reacted better or taken a different route. Just this morning, for example, I caught my son misbehaving. And rather than taking a calm and collected approach, I flew off the handle, raising my voice a bit. It’s not something I’m proud of and definitely a situation in which I wish I could have a second chance at.

Unfortunately for most of us, those second chances don’t come around all that often. However, for former President Donald Trump, he might get just that, at least when it comes to another go around in the White House.

As most of you likely know, the idea of a second, non-consecutive term for the business tycoon has been hinted at for several years now, basically ever since Joe Biden was announced as the 2020 election winner.

Naturally, on that note, he is asked about such and what a second term might look like quite often. Most recently, he was asked by Thomas Klingenstein during an interview that ran in the American Mind, a publication put out by conservative think tank The Claremont Institute.

Klingenstein asked him if there were at least two or three things that Trump would do differently if he won a second term, and if so, what would they be.

Trump gave the same answer for all two or three possibilities. “People, people, people.”

For him, most of what went wrong during his first term as President of the United States came down to bad people being put in the wrong positions.

Trump explained that part of this was his pure lack of experience in Washington and how it works, or more importantly, who does what. Prior to his being inaugurated, he told Klingenstein that he’d only been to DC maybe about 17 times, and those experiences left him with little know-how of either the positions available there or what they entailed.

When he arrived for the first few weeks of his tenure in the Oval Office, he made some rather poor decisions in choosing his cabinet members and other White House officials.

Given another go-round, Trump indicates that he would be much more selective in choosing the people around him. Thankfully, given his four years in Washington and intense integration into how it all works, he now says he “knows the right people.”

This might mean a much more stable White House for Trump if elected again, which given the lack thereof during his first term, it would be much appreciated by all.

If you remember, it seemed there was constant warring among his cabinetry, with some members even directly trying to thwart Trump’s efforts in making changes, both in the White House itself and the nation as a whole.

This is mainly because while Trump chose Republicans to sit in those positions, they were not really supportive of the current Republican plan. Instead, they seemed more intent on bringing back the George Bush era, which seemed to be defined by weak border enforcement and Middle East regime change wars.

Additionally, even senior members of the first Trump administration ended up being part of the Republican Party establishment, despite vehemently objecting to Trump during his campaign.

However, as Trump’s time in the White House has taught him, that will not happen if he’s given a second chance. Instead of choosing what he thought to be tried and true Republicans, only to find out they were recycled Bush bureaucrats, he could now appoint lawmakers who were actual supporters of himself and his plans for America.

In fact, over the last few years, those changes have already begun to be made as the Republican Party has shifted to embrace Trump and his ideals more and more. As a result, we’ve seen, in many circumstances, senators and House Republicans replaced by those who either embrace Trump or, at the very least, recognize his popularity among voters.

As of now, nearly every poll shows that even without an official announcement to run again, Trump is the preferred GOP candidate by far for the 2024 nomination.

Here’s to us making better choices and doing things better the second time around.

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