HOT TAKES: People Hilariously Poke Fun at Jim Acosta Over New Report

As we reported earlier, Newscycle’s Jon Nicosia came through with the “big name” he’d promised earlier in the week — the next person on CNN’s chopping block. The person was reportedly going to get the boot because he was too much of a reminder of the Jeff Zucker years, from which the new CEO Chris Licht is trying to move away.

Nicosia said he’d promised his source he’d wait until the end of the week. So on Friday, Nicosia dropped the name that the Discovery executive said was the next on the hit parade, and it’s Jim Acosta — the guy at CNN who most loves himself.

As I noted, CNN hasn’t formally commented yet, so it’s not official. But it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. If there is anyone who is still there who is symbolic of the Zucker “We act like Democratic operatives” time, it would be Jim Acosta, who seemed to take it as an article of faith that his job for Zucker was to try to go after President Donald Trump.

But given that he’s been a scummy individual for so many years, it should be no surprise that people were rejoicing at the news that he might be shortly out the door.

Here’s a reminder:

Some responded to Acosta on this tweet he posted about interviewing Mark Hamill on Saturday, so they could let him know how happy they are about the report he may be out the door.

Yes, but we can’t wait. Hurry the heck up already, Chris Licht!

People recalled how “Dear Diary” was meant to mock Acosta’s self-obsession.

The cherry on top of the sundae in all this? According to Nicosia, CNN won’t be done just by taking out Acosta; they intend to make more changes. I can think of a few more folks that should get the boot, so grab the popcorn, it sounds like it’s going to continue to be fun!

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