Climate Activists Throw Soup On Van Gogh Painting, Glue Themselves to Wall With Oil-Based Product

Like it or not, petroleum fuels the planet, and it will for the foreseeable future. Climate activists can, and have, disrupted traffic and interfered with commerce. But at the end of the day, whatever day they’ve disrupted, business goes on. No lives were saved.

Hyperbolic nonsense is how climate experts like Greta Thunberg, Bill Wier, and Joe Biden get our attention.

At age 16, Thunberg was untouchable. No one was allowed to criticize her shrilling and shilling. She’s now 19, and although she still looks 16 and still appears to have not washed her hair, the media continue to give her forums to tell us that the planet has passed the markers of no return and that we still need to stop using petroleum. In an op-ed written last week, Thunberg warned the world that the glaciers are perilously close to the point of no recovery and that if all the ice in the world melted planet earth would be awash in another 65 meters or 213 feet of saltwater.

Yes, a gilled Kevin Costner on a catamaran is what we have in store for us unless we act, now. Climate Change? No, it’s now a climate crisis. Are glaciers growing in Greenland? Yes. That is not a good thing apparently.

Bill Wier, a well-known “climate expert” said:

The entire planet is about to collapse. Forget that silly, giant meteor that wiped out all the dinosaurs, Wier told CNN’s audience that “the fate of life on earth is at stake.” That’s right, all life on earth is in peril because the planet’s temperature might increase 1.5 degrees by 2100.

During a visit to Florida after Hurricane Ian, Joe Biden told America with the certitude only Joe could muster, that Ian has “settled” the debate on climate change.

Sure, Joe.

Vegans protest at Starbucks and Climate Activists, AKA: Crisis Crusaders invade art galleries and museums to get their message across. In Australia, two Extinction Rebellion protesters superglued their hands onto the frame surrounding Pablo Picasso painting Picasso’s “Massacre en Cor?e. This stunt is increasing in popularity with climate terrorists.

At the National Gallery in London, a couple of activists threw tomato soup on Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Then they sat down, pulled out two tubes of superglue, and glued their hands to the wall. The pair then chanted their incantation to their climate god demanding action.

“Families can’t even afford to heat a tin of soup,” said the pink-haired activist. Ummm… I could be wrong but unless that “family” is burning wood, that heat comes from petroleum.

Anyway, the protest was (apparently) to remind everyone that people can’t buy/heat a can of tomato soup because of petroleum, I guess. I’m convinced. I don’t know about you but I am definitely selling my SUV because a couple of kids glued their hands to a wall in London.

Actually, I don’t get it. They glued themselves to a wall with a petrochemical product. It contains cyanoacrylates, a fast-acting adhesive. It’s a derivative of the dreaded oil industry. To remove their hands, another petrochemical will likely be used. That, or just rip their hands off the wall. I’d use the latter. No need to further warm the planet with oil-based products. Right?

The tweet above is “restricted” by Twitter. It contains “sensitive content”. Why? It illustrates a climate activist wearing and using a bunch of petro-based products.

Irony and hypocrisy are glued, hand-in-hand.

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