Biden Has a Confused Take that Has Many Scratching Their Heads

Ah, Joe Biden. He’s a continuing font of gaffes.

A lot of the time, he seems to have no idea what he is saying. He’s just reading off the teleprompter and hoping it turns out right.

Unfortunately for the country, what that means is that every day there’s a new thing that he says that makes you just want to scratch your head and say why the heck is he in the position he’s in because him being there can endanger us all and is a continual embarrassment day after day.

Biden was speaking on Thursday about the CHIPS and Science Act at IBM in Poughkeepsie, New York.

He repeated something he’s said before about the cause of inflation.

“For example, here in the United States, one third of the core inflation last year — the core inflation last year was due to higher prices of automobiles. Why? Because of the shortage of semiconductors that make these vehicles move.”

That’s the same thing as saying inflation is due to high prices. Seriously? After more than 40 years in government, how does he continue to be so ignorant and so wrong on everything?

“And to be clear: The CHIPS and Science Act is not handing out blank checks to companies,” Biden claimed. You know if Biden says it, the opposite must be true and we’re funneling a ton of money out for this, including to companies that don’t need it. And Republicans went along with it.

Biden then tried to claim that since he came to office, “Since I came to office, our economy has created 10 million jobs, 668 manufacturing jobs. Proof that made in America is no longer a slogan!”

What was that number again? 668 manufacturing jobs? He doesn’t even understand what he said wrong, which shows how far gone he is. But frankly, that number is probably closer to reality than what they’re claiming — 668,000 manufacturing jobs and 10 million jobs. People returning to work from the pandemic isn’t “creating” jobs, but that’s how they come up with these jacked-up numbers. But the people who are clapping are just sycophants if they don’t question that. They don’t even find him saying 668 odd.

When he says these numbers with no meaning it makes me think of this.

Biden has “created” jobs of a sort — the necessity of people to get second jobs in order to be able just to afford to live under the crushing Bidenflation. But that’s nothing to brag about. Civilian labor participation is still lower than it was before the pandemic. Not to mention that real wages are down as well because of the bite of inflation.

But Biden doesn’t want to talk about that.

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