GOP Candidate Delivers the Best Debate One-Liner of the Cycle

Republicans have finally regained the momentum in the race to win the mid-terms, and some candidates are really beginning to hit their stride. You’ve probably seen Ron DeSantis taking ownership of CNN and Kari Lake dressing down a reporter over abortion, but have you seen this banger from Republican congressional candidate Hung Cao?

On Sunday, Cao attended a debate with his Democrat opponent, Jennifer Wexton. For some reason, the moderator decided that the very first question to be asked would be if Joe Biden is president. I guess lefty press members are still confused on that point. Regardless, Cao dropped the best debate one-liner of the cycle so far.

Cao is running in Virginia’s 10th district, a D+6 district, so while he’s an underdog at the ballot box, he’s a winner at owning the libs. And honestly, that question didn’t deserve any more serious of an answer, though the critique about gas prices is more than fair.

Can anyone explain why supposedly unbiased journalists, including those who moderate these debates, are still obsessed with getting every Republican to pledge allegiance to Biden’s presidency? As far as I know, Cao has never suggested that Biden isn’t president, but even still, this is the United States of America. People are not required to show fealty to whoever the current White House occupant is.

Besides, Biden is clearly president. He was sworn in January of 2021, and while his primary residence appears to be his Delaware beach house, he still ostensibly resides in Washington, DC. He even signs executive orders and stuff that his handlers place in front of him.

But we all know why this moderator is asking this question. It’s a biased way of attempting to catch Republicans in the unforgivable sin of “election-denial” so that Democrats can make their entire campaigns about that one issue. Aside from abortion, which is flopping as a voter-swinger over the last month, screaming about the 2020 election and January 6th is all they have left. And if the recent polling shift is any indication, none of it is playing well.

Back to Cao, I think he did the right thing by not trying to thread the needle with vague language about whether Biden is president or not. Some Republicans have tried that in the past as a way to protest voter fraud, but it’s just not effective because ultimately, Biden is the President of the United States.

The left wants to pounce the conversation to be about 2020 so why give them what they want? It drives them far crazier to dump their leading premise entirely and hit back on a more relevant topic, in this case, gas prices. And as Cao notes, one look at the price of the pump is all the evidence one needs that Biden is, in fact, the president.

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