Eric Schmitt’s Latest Ad Shows He’s Willing to Put in the Hard Work for Missouri in the U.S. Senate

We’ve covered the race for Missouri’s Senate seat (available due to Republican Roy Blunt’s retirement at the end of the year) fairly extensively here at RedState.

With Missouri being a solidly red state at present, the conventional wisdom was that the true race for the seat was the GOP primary. If the current polls are any indicator, that would appear to be the case. Republican Eric Schmitt (the State’s current Attorney General) secured the GOP nomination in August and is now facing off against Democrat Trudy Busch Valentine, an heiress to the Anheuser-Busch fortune, nurse, and political newcomer. The current Real Clear Politics Average has Schmitt with an 11-point lead.

Given that Schmitt won the primary by 23 points (despite polling right up to the race that had the top three contenders seemingly in a tight race), it’s little wonder the current RCP projection is that the GOP will hold onto the seat.

But Schmitt isn’t taking anything for granted. His latest ad, debuting Friday, tells the story of his family and his formative years, draws a contrast between his working-class background and that of his opponent, and emphasizes Schmitt’s willingness to work hard for Missourians.

In the 30-second spot, titled “Hard Work,” Schmitt highlights his experience and accomplishments and reminds viewers of the negative impact and policies of the Biden Administration.

“My grandfather served in World War II and was a butcher. My dad worked the midnight shift at Anheuser-Busch. I’m Eric Schmitt, and these men taught me about hard work.

“In college, I gave tours and took out the trash at the estate Trudy Busch Valentine grew up on.

“As Attorney General, I’ve taken violent felons off the streets.

“As your Senator, I’ll fight for the forgotten men and women Joe Biden’s left behind.

“I approved this message because it’s time to take our country back.”

Short, sweet, to the point. And effective.

Bonus weekend fun content — Schmitt also shows he understands the bite of inflation and knows his way around the grill — unlike any number of Democrat candidates. (See, e.g., Kathy Hochul Posts 50 Shades of Cringe ‘I’m BBQing!’ Pic, Lee Zeldin Skewers Accordingly, We’ve Found the Democrat Who Does ‘Grillin’ out’ Campaign Videos Worse Than Terry McAuliffe, Grill Master Terry McAuliffe Embarrasses Himself Again, This Time On Gun Purchase Laws, Democratic Senate Nominee Gets the Mocking He Deserves After Photo He Posted Goes 50 Shades of Wrong.)

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