Nancy Pelosi’s Drunk Rant About Farm Workers Sure Sounds Racist

There is an epidemic of people holding power in Washington that couldn’t pump their own gas, both because they are self-ascribed elites who don’t know how and because they are so mentally gone that it wouldn’t matter anyway.

Enter Nancy Pelosi, who has been doing her best over the last year to give Joe Biden a run for his money when it comes to mental incapacitation. Is she just drunk often or is old age catching up to her? Who knows, but it’s certainly not making for good governance.

That leads me to Pelosi’s latest geriatric rant, where she supposes that Florida shouldn’t ship illegal aliens to sanctuary jurisdictions because they are needed to “pick the crops down here.”

Of all the people in this country, I firmly believe that there is no one less connected to the plight of rural farmers than Nancy Pelosi. Yet, we are supposed to believe that she’s intimately in touch with the labor struggles of orange farmers in Florida. Why do politicians do this stuff when it’s so obvious they are just making it up? It’s like when Yamiche Alcindor tries to pretend she’s a journalist by citing “people are saying” as a source.

Do you remember that meme where there are two circles that don’t overlap, with one saying “things that happened” and the other saying “this?” That’s Pelosi in that clip. She’s doing the meme.

Besides, isn’t it just a little bit racist for this rich, white woman who got wealthy with insider trading to look at Hispanics as nothing but cheap labor to “pick the crops?” She’s giving off some strong post-Civil War “who’s going to pick the cotton” vibes in her commentary. I guess the Democrat Party hasn’t changed much nearly two centuries on.

This is how Pelosi and the left see illegal immigrants. They don’t see the humanity of those drowning in the Rio Grande or the innocence of those being raped by drug cartel coyotes. Certainly, they don’t care about those living under overpasses in border towns. All they see are faceless pawns to add to the widget factory in order to keep the gravy train rolling for the elite.

People are worth more than the cheap labor they can provide. I’m anti-illegal immigration because I see the physical dangers posed by pushing millions of people to pay drug cartels to traffick them 3,000 miles, not because I don’t have empathy for people seeking a better life. Democrats don’t care how illegal immigrants get to the border, though. They just want someone to cut their lawn for $30 and clean their house for $8 an hour. That’s not moral. It’s grotesque, and it’s pretty racist as well given the assumption being made about Hispanics in the process.

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