WATCH: Justin Trudeau Puts on Embarrassing Display in London Before Queen’s Funeral

It’s hard to imagine how anyone would put the feckless Justin Trudeau into office. We saw what a disaster he was in dealing with COVID and oppressing his people in Canada. He was even heckled on the floor of Parliament for his bad handling of things.

But Trudeau stepped in it big time, even with his liberal buddies, when he was in London for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth.

Trudeau was filmed in the Corinthia Hotel two days before the funeral and during the official mourning period singing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody with some of the members of his Canadian delegation in an embarrassing display.

If you wanted to insult everyone in Britain at this time, that might just be the way to do it.

Certainly, a bad choice of music, singing, “Easy come, easy go” by Queen — badly — during the mourning period. Talk about tone deaf on multiple levels.

“This is just one of a litany of gaffs by the woke world leader – who has admitted to dressing in blackface on a number of occasions as a younger man and spouting woke nonsense such as admonishing anyone saying ‘mankind’ and correcting them with the gender-neutral ‘peoplekind’.”

“The unearthed video has evoked fury across the world – as many slammed the premier for indulging in partying less than 48 hours before the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Abbey. She served as Canada’s head of state for 70 years.”

Canadian TV tried to smooth it over, calling the singing a “tribute” to the Queen.

But people weren’t buying it. Trudeau’s affront earned him a lot of boos for it outside of Canada House.

Canadians also noted how while Trudeau is still pushing the COVID shtick, he’s of course without any kind of mask on amongst other people at the hotel.

But this is typical Trudeau who doesn’t seem to care too much about anyone but himself and his power. “Nothing really matters…to me,” as the song goes.

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