Obama Response to Martha’s Vineyard Says It All, While Venezuelan Aliens Puncture Attack on DeSantis

The Martha’s Vineyard story is just such a window into the hypocrisy of the left and the liberal media.

We saw them flipping out, and the town declaring a “humanitarian crisis,” after having just 50 people sent to them, treating it as if Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was being cruel for sending them to the vacation mecca. And the liberal media was all over it, talking about the town’s kindness. But the group wasn’t even there for two full days before the people were shipped out to Joint Base Cape Cod. So much for being a welcoming sanctuary city.

We even saw a homeless advocate there, complaining that they didn’t have the facilities to put the group up in the town.

So, Fox decided to ask Barack Obama-and some of the other high-profile Democrats who have homes there-if they would open up their homes to have some of the people stay there. Lo and behold, they were remarkably silent when pressed.

“Former President Barack Obama and several other high-profile Democrats who own homes on Martha’s Vineyard have remained silent on whether they will open up their homes to provide comfort to any illegal immigrants sent to the island by Republican governors.”

“Representatives for the former president did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Fox News Digital on whether he has considered opening up his sprawling 29-acre estate on Martha’s Vineyard to illegal immigrants who have been sent to the island or may be in the future.”

“In addition, Fox News Digital reached out to representatives for prominent public supporters of President Biden who own homes on Martha’s Vineyard but did not receive a response.”

They included James Taylor, director Spike Lee, and talk show host David Letterman.

Several locals, including crime novelist Jane Chittick, called on the Obamas to take in illegal aliens.

“I don’t think people like the Obamas with huge estates who live here in the summer will care (about the migrants),” Chittick told the New York Post. “I would love to see the Obamas open up their huge property and erect tents and look after all these people while they’re being processed.”

But of course, Obama is missing when real action is needed on his alleged “principles.”

However, all this reaction and concern was missing when it came to millions of illegal aliens flooding across the border.

Since the group was shipped out to Joint Base Cape Cod, Obama and the rest weren’t put to the test. But before they left, they blew up another liberal narrative that was being put out there, about this being such a “cruel” action by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Some among the group said they were not angry at DeSantis for sending them to Martha’s Vineyard; indeed, some thanked him for sending them to Martha’s Vineyard, Telemundo senior Washington correspondent Cristina Londono revealed.

Most people would love to spend a couple of days in Martha’s Vineyard. So, this isn’t exactly going to help the Democratic narrative on this story.

DeSantis blasted the left’s reaction to all this.

“These are voluntary transportations that they’re signing up for, but they’re given a good ride, they’re given everything and that’s a humane thing to do,” DeSantis said Friday. “What’s not humane is what [President Joe] Biden is doing, he’s given a false promise, the border’s open, luring people to come here for political purposes and then basically cutting these people loose and leaving them high and dry.”

But the left doesn’t want to react to Biden’s false promises, and him shipping people all over the country in the dark of night, because that might put a spotlight on their hypocrisy. They might have to deal with the real problem here-that the border is open and they’re not doing anything about it.

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