Tulsi Gabbard Launches After Democrats, Accuses Them of Trying to Start a Civil War

The Democrats have never been shy about making their opponents seem like the worst people that have ever existed, but it’s now gotten to a point where they’re attempting to “other” Republicans and conservatives. This goes far beyond demonizing, and judging by some of the words coming out of the mouths of Democrats lately, it seems they’re looking to foment violence.

Hawaii Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is watching her colleagues and is aghast at what she’s hearing from them. After her own party accused Republicans and Trump supporters of being worse than al Queda on 9/11, she appeared on Fox News’s Jesse Watters Primetime to express her outrage.

“I feel sick right now seeing you play these different clips,” Gabbard said. “You know, I, like so many of my fellow service members — I enlisted because of those Jihadist attacks on 9/11 to support and defend our Constitution, to protect our fellow Americans, and to go after and kill those who attacked us on that day.

“And it is despicable and outrageous to hear these people, to hear these people, say the things that they’re saying, comparing our fellow Americans to terrorists — actually worse,” she continued. “They literally said they are worse than Al Qaeda terrorists.”

Gabbard believes that Democrats are willing to bring the country to civil war.

“This just shows how far they are willing to go pushing our country to the brink of civil war, demonizing, targeting our fellow Americans, as worse than Al-Qaeda terrorists, all to hold onto their power,” said Gabbard. “That’s all they care about,”

“Whether you’re talking about the Biden administration, these talking heads on TV, U.S. senators, the Department of Homeland Security, the people who are some of the most powerful people in our country, who have the strings of the national security apparatus at their fingertips, targeting our fellow Americans, just because they didn’t vote for Joe Biden, all because they need, they want to hold on to power,” she added.

Gabbard pointed out that the timing of this rhetoric isn’t an accident. With midterms right around the corner, Democrats are pulling out all the stops to save what is looking to be a devastating loss of seats.

“And so they’re, again, not caring about the consequences and the destruction to the country and the heart of the American people, willing to foment this fear to say, ‘Hey, don’t you dare vote for these Republicans, because they voted for Trump, and they are traitors and they’re a greater threat to our country than Al Qaeda jihadists,'” said Gabbard.

Gabbard’s fears of bringing things down to violence are some that have been circulating. Democrats like Hawaii Democrat Mazie Hirono openly made a “call to arms” against pro-lifers in order to protect abortion.

(READ: Mazie Hirono Appears to Encourage Domestic Terrorism Against Pro-Lifers)

The left is notorious for its violence and destruction, and Democrats attempting to push people into believing the other are inhuman will only make violence all the more probable. As Gabbard noted, this might be purposeful as Democrats have used violence to steep emotions, which can then be used to create a larger voting base.

The Black Lives Matter riots are great example of this.

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  1. Tulsi Gabbard is a prime example of a JFK Democrat, and although she does not support or agree with all of what I would like her to, she is a straight shooting and articulate voice for the majority of Democrats that still have a few of their wits about them. I listen to her, and I appreciate her voicing her opinions wherever she has the opportunity to do so, and I very much hope that she will continue and perhaps she can become the voice of the party. I am not a Democrat and never have been, but she is one that I can agree with on a lot of issues, disagree with on some and at least have reasonable discourse with and about! I think every Democrat should be listening, because she can save the party from self destruction.

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