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When 50 Tourists With the Wrong Background Show Up, Martha’s Vineyard Chamber Claims a ‘Humanitarian Crisis’

The Visit Martha’s Vineyard Twitter and Facebook accounts, which are operated by the island’s Chamber of Commerce, referred to the arrival of 50 migrants as a “humanitarian crisis.”

“To our Island community, here is an update on current humanitarian crisis on Martha’s Vineyard….we thank people for their continued help,” the accounts said with an attached statement from the Dukes County Emergency Management Association.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent two charter flights of primarily Venezuelan migrants to the wealthy beach community on Wednesday night, RedState reported.

The statement itself mentions the “humanitarian response,” but they do not use the word “crisis” to describe the situation as the posts do.

Needless to say, people were not happy about it being called a crisis when it involves 50 people.

“Thousands of illegal aliens have overrun Texas border towns everyday for the past year, thanks to Biden’s open-border policy that you all voted for. Why isn’t THAT a “humanitarian crisis”?” Christina Pushaw, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Rapid Response Director, said.

Townhall Senior Writer Julio Rosas, who has covered the border crisis first-hand, helped put things into perspective.

“The border town of Yuma wishes all they saw was 50 people in one day. They see groups of 50+ every few hours,” Rosas said.

“Our elites are so far removed from the lives of everyday Americans that 50 illegal’s near their backyard constitutes a “humanitarian crisis” to them. I’m curious as to what they consider 4,000,000+ illegals at the border to be… oh yea a “secure” border,” One America News Host Addison Smith said.

While it’s true that resources will need to be deployed to assist the migrants who arrived, 50 people is an extremely manageable number compared to what is dealt with by border communities every single day. Many of these border communities are not properly equipped with the resources to accommodate hundreds and sometimes thousands of migrants, so it’s not a terrible idea to have some of the burdens shifted to other parts of the country.

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