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Kari Lake Completely Outmaneuvers Katie Hobbs Over Debate Controversy

Is Katie Hobbs the worst major candidate of this election cycle? For my money, she is. The quintessential Karen was ushered to a win in the Democrat primary despite there being better choices available. Now, she’s struggling to gain traction against Kari Lake in Arizona’s gubernatorial race.

You’d think someone like Hobbs, who obviously needs a jolt to her campaign, would be eager to debate and create some positive headlines. Instead, she’s spent the last several months running in terror, claiming that debating Lake would be a “circus.” Eventually, she outright refused.

In response, Lake has thoroughly outmaneuvered her and did so again on Monday by accepting an invitation to the debate, which will now be a 30-minute free campaign commercial.

Hobbs had originally demanded a separate town hall format where she wouldn’t have to face Lake. Ironically, it is now the Republican who will get that, being able to speak directly to the people of Arizona without interruption for half an hour. Of course, you can bet the moderator will still ask some tough questions, but regardless, it’s an unequivocal win for the Lake.

The move to ask the commission to extend the deadline is also a knife twist in the back of Hobbs. Lake gets to appear gracious and accommodating while the Democrat is forced to continue to deny the public the debate it deserves.

I really think Hobbs thought she could beat Lake at this game and get the debate host to change the format. Democrats are used to getting that kind of preferential treatment. In this case, though, to their credit, the host held firm and chose not to give anyone an unfair advantage.

That left some complaining, crying that Lake was now getting exactly what Hobbs asked for, i.e. a stand-alone, town hall-style interview. While that’s true, she’s only getting it because she is choosing to show up for the debate. Hobbs not showing up means she doesn’t get the stage at her leisure.

Again, I really think Hobbs is the worst major candidate running this cycle. Some like to say Herschel Walker takes that prize, but he’s actually going to debate, and he’s far more likable and popular in his state. Much of his problems are myths created by beltway analysts who don’t understand Georgia politics. With Hobbs, you have a stereotypical AWFL who manages to put out a “can I speak to the manager” vibe in everything she does. Lake is fortunate to be facing her.

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