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Las Vegas Police Urge Residents to Avoid Northeast Valley Area Due to Spike in Violent Crime

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) is urging residents to stay away from the city’s northeast valley due to a spike in violent crime.

The warning, which was shared by the LVMPD Northeast Area Command Facebook account on Friday morning, asked residents not to congregate in the desert area at the intersection of Lake Mead Boulevard and Arnona Road.

“There has been an uptick in violent events at this location, particularly at night,” police wrote. “We have had reports of illegal shootings, robberies, and other crimes.”

“Our station is aware of the appeal this area attracts and we will be conducting extra patrol,” police added. “Keep yourself safe and find other places to hang out!”

In August, the area’s ZIP code showed 72 crimes against people, according to police statistics via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The LVMPD classifies crimes against people as homicides, sex offenses, and assaults.

Most of those crimes in the area were noted to be assaults.

The increase in crime in the desert area has been noticed by some residents, which has put them on edge, FOX 5 reported.

“Really not safe. Especially in my area it is not safe,” said Stephanie Ayala, a homeowner who moved to the area two years ago but has noticed it has become less safe since then.

Ayala also noted that she had her vehicle stolen during the nighttime.

“Our truck got stolen not too long ago,” she said. “So, it does get crazy up here.”

Another resident said that although she has not noticed an uptick in crime, her son has heard gunshots in the area.

“My son said, ‘Mom I don’t like it here anymore,'” resident Luz Lopez told the Review-Journal. “He heard some shooting, some cars driving very fast and the people in the desert smoke marijuana.”

Other residents insist that nothing unusual in the area has occurred.

“This street here is really quiet,” said Robert Zinskey, an 84-year-old resident. “I love this street.”

Despite some not noticing an increase in crime, police still urge caution due to what they say is an increase in illegal activities.

“Individuals are going over there and they’re drinking and shooting,” an LVMPD spokesman told News 3 Las Vegas. “There were individuals that were up there and one of them got robbed by somebody else at gunpoint. Unfortunately, we don’t have cameras up there.”

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