New Poll on Student Debt Bailout and How Biden Tactic Is Backfiring Big Time

We’ve seen Joe Biden and the Democrats throwing a lot of desperate things out there trying to move the needle to help them in the midterms. One of those was the despicable tactic of demonizing millions of MAGA Americans. Biden did it hoping to jazz up the leftist Trump-hating base, hoping that would get them out to vote because of the “threat to democracy.” But, as I reported, that effort to juice the vote may have backfired. A new Trafalgar poll done in partnership with the Convention of States shows what a huge blunder it was. The majority of Americans thought that was a “dangerous escalation in rhetoric” and “most voters were sickened and deeply disturbed by what they saw last week,” according to Mark Meckler, the President of the Convention of States.

Biden’s other tactic — buying votes from the base with student debt forgiveness — may be backfiring on him as well. In addition to the fact that it’s likely going to be found illegal at some point, only about 13 percent of Americans have student loan debt. This giveaway leaves out all the people who didn’t go to college or who have already paid off their debt, which is most Americans. All of us know that Biden is attempting to juice the vote by giving his base a benefit that we aren’t all getting but that we’re going to end up paying for. They don’t even have a real number on what that would cost yet — one count was a trillion dollars at a time when we are already suffering from 40-year high inflation.

While Democrats cite polls claiming student debt forgiveness is popular, a new Cato/YouGov poll shows that the majority oppose it once they understand some of the results of such a move, like higher inflation and rising tuition prices.

So what does that mean for trying to use this to buy votes? As I’ve previously observed, I think it’s a horrible move. Once he does it, then the left is going to say why didn’t he just forgive it completely if he says now he can do it? So they still think he’s not going far enough. Then, the rest of the people are going to be angry that a select group got bailed out and that everyone else has to pay for it/suffer the consequences of the bad move. Not a well-thought-out political move either, in keeping with Biden’s tradition of being wrong about everything.

Now the Trafalgar Group is saying this move is having an effect — that there’s a major shift in places like Georgia, Washington, and New York that is directly traceable to this issue.

“Folks I know the GA, WA, & NY #poll numbers are surprising but we at @Trafalgar_Group have seen a big shift in favor of non incumbents since #Biden announced his #studentloanforgiveness package,” Trafalgar’s chief pollster Robert Cahaly. “No other issue this cycle has enraged middle and working class voters more than this.”

Cahaly is confirming that Americans are getting this and are ticked off. They’re going to punish the Democrats for pushing the idea. Now we’re seeing races that one wouldn’t have thought would be close suddenly turning tight like the governor’s race in New York where Republican Lee Zeldin now has a real chance.

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) should have had a walkaway but she’s also in trouble.

Herschel Walker has now moved ahead in the Senate race in Georgia in the Emerson and Trafalgar polls. Stacey Abrams is also in deep trouble in Georgia.

We also see Blake Masters progressively closing the gap in Arizona, only three points back of Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) with the momentum in his favor. Kelly is under 50 percent.

Looks like the Biden tactics may be backfiring big time.

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