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Sam Harris Shows the Twisted Depths of Trump Derangement Syndrome

We’ve seen a lot of folks with Trump Derangement Syndrome over the past few years, but I think I’d have to give the award for the weekend to podcaster/philosopher Sam Harris for his hot take on Joe Biden’s despicable speech.

Many on the left came to Biden’s defense as he demonized and attacked millions of Americans for the “crime” of wanting to Make America Great Again. But Harris didn’t just come to Biden’s defense; he made it all about President Donald Trump.

“I love seeing Trumpists condemning the political optics of this image. Admittedly, they are terrible,” Harris acknowledged. But wait for the kicker! “But they are only bad by reference to values that should lead you to totally repudiate Trump himself. For Biden, this is a gaffe; for Trump, it would be a window into his soul.”

So, Biden says something fascist that he planned to say for days, a follow-up to a week of saying the same thing, and it’s a “gaffe” for him? But his “gaffe” is somehow a “window” into the soul of Trump? My gosh, and this is a “philosopher”? How does anyone take such people seriously, when they think this way? He’s twisting himself into a pretzel to not only defend Biden but to somehow make it about Trump. This is maximum Trump Derangement Syndrome when it gets to this level.

This is the same guy who said a couple of days ago that Trump was worse than Osama bin Laden.

But within the framework of his odious beliefs, he demonstrated many virtues,” Harris said of bin Laden.

“He was a man who certainly seemed to be capable of real self-sacrifice,” the podcast host said, calling bin Laden a man who was “committed to ideals beyond his narrow self-interest.”

“[Bin Laden] was by all accounts personally quite courageous,” Harris said. […]

“None of these things can be said about Donald Trump,” Harris said. “Trump is, without question, one of the least honest and most malignantly selfish human beings I have ever come across.” [….]

“Unlike bin Laden, it is patently obvious that Trump isn’t psychologically normal.”

This was the same guy who said, regarding the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop, that it was warranted if it meant beating Trump. He called it a “conspiracy out in the open.”

“But I think it was warranted,” he said. “Hunter Biden literally could have had the corpses of children in his basement, I would not have cared.”

Talk about imploding yourself over Trump-that’s where Harris is now.

Trump never did anything like Biden’s speech. It’s not a “window” into anything other than Biden and the Democratic soul, and their desperation to win the midterms at all costs. But it’s beyond that — it’s about maintaining control. Opposition isn’t allowed, so MAGA is bad. They must collude with the social media companies to suppress anything that might go against that control or their narratives. Biden is the very thing that the left accuses Trump of being, and they’re fine with it because it’s not about principles but that control.

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