Antifa operatives stand guard over a drag show for children (Credit: Tayler Hansen)

Antifa Thugs ‘Stand Guard’ Outside ‘Kid Friendly’ Drag Show

Does anyone even believe progressives anymore? They keep telling people concerned about the sexualization of children that it is not happening despite the mounds of footage being disseminated on social media.

In the latest episode of “Let’s Sex Up The Kids,” a venue in Roanoke, Texas, hosted yet another drag show for children. But in this instance, Antifa thugs were also present supposedly to protect those participating in the display of vulgarity.

The event, which was called the Barrel Babes Drag Brunch, was marketed as “Dancing Music and Laughs,” according to the Post-Millennial.

Upon learning of the event, Kelly Neidert, the founder of Protect Texas Kids, organized a “pop-up protest” outside the venue.

In response, Antifa organized its members to support the drag event. According to The Post Millennial’s editor-at-large Andy Ngo “The local chapter of the John Brown Gun Club, an #Antifa militia linked to domestic terrorism, led the call to direct action.”

The Daily Sneed posted footage of the exterior of the venue showing Antifa thugs standing guard while carrying the type of scary-looking rifles that the hard left has been trying to prevent the rest of us from obtaining. There were also “snipers” posted on the third floor of a parking structure across the street

Kris Cruz, a reporter with Blaze TV, reported that Antifa operatives armed with AR-15s were supposedly acting as “bodyguards” and escorted participants in the event to their vehicles.

“The militants were reportedly directly targeting Neidert and Protect Texas Kids. Antifa has consistently and persistently targeted Neidert,” according to the Post Millennial.

Sara Gonzalez, host of “The News and Why It Matters” on Blaze TV, noted that over 20 children were present at the event, along with teachers.

“Aside from the children present, there were some safety concerns. The staff admitted they were violating fire code & over capacity,” she said, also noting that children were given a “wristband that said ‘drinking age verified.’”

So, how will progressives defend this one?

Chances are, they won’t. As school districts were instructing small children on sexuality and gender identity, and even transitioning children behind their parents’ backs, the hard left did its level best to gaslight the American public into believing this wasn’t happening. They have done the same with drag shows for kids – pretending that they are somehow a watered-down “child-friendly” version of adult drag shows.

It makes sense when you think about it.

These events are utterly indefensible. There is no way to justify bringing children to these types of shows. While in many of these cases, it is the parents bringing their kids to see these performers, it still is inappropriate and worthy of criticism. Some have proposed legislation outlawing the practice. So, of course, progressives would rather lie about it than try to argue in favor of it.

The problem is, the camera doesn’t lie and social media is a thing. They simply cannot hide it forever.

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  1. Just when you think the Left can’t be anymore despicable and depraved! This is child abuse plain and simple. Any parent who would allow their child to be victimized, should be stripped of their parental rights. The so-called teachers should lose their licenses. The criminal Antifa thugs need some serious prison time. As a mother and former teacher, my heart bleeds for these innocent children.

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