Steve Bannon Becomes Next Liberal Target as Federal Judges Upholds His Charges

The Democrats are still targeting former President Donald Trump and those that worked for him. Steve Bannon was Trump’s former White House adviser. After the January 6 protests, he was brought before Congress and asked all kinds of questions regarding that day. Bannon decided he would not answer any of the questions and was charged with two counts of contempt of Congress.

The Democrats leading the charge are determined to tear any person that refuses to work with them to make January 6 a day of their making. A grand jury was called, and they charged him with refusing to appear for a deposition and failure to turn over paperwork that the Democrats needed to try and roast Trump.

Bannon’s team tried to get the court to overturn and dismiss his charge. But U.S. District Court Judge Carl Nichols decided he should stand trial. Bannon’s team is now seeking to delay the trial, but they may be fighting an uphill battle.

The lopsided committee overseeing the January 6 protests comprises mostly Democrats and a few sympathetic Republicans. The committee cannot investigate the matter with an unbiased approach because most of the people on the committee hate everything that Donald Trump stands for.

The witch-hunting committee believes that a comment Bannon made the day before the protests signals that everything was planned out ahead of time. NBC News reported, “The committee said it wanted to explore a comment he made on his radio program on Jan. 5, when he predicted that ‘all hell is going to break loose tomorrow.’ That could indicate that ‘he had some foreknowledge about extreme events that would occur the next day,’ the committee said.”

The Committee maintains that Bannon secretly tried to get Trump to stage the protests. The investigators working for the committee want to listen in to a phone call that Bannon and Trump had before the turn of the year. The Democrats have always had an interest in Trump’s private phone calls. They think that he constantly is seeking out ways to destroy the country. But the facts proved that he saved the country.

The Democrats are desperate to make an example out of someone for what occurred on January 6. They are willing to destroy the personal lives of any person connected with that day so that they can make a political statement. They hope Bannon will be locked away for a year and fined $100,000 for the accusation they are making about him.

NBC News also reported that “David Schoen, a member of Bannon’s defense team, said after the hearing that he has subpoenaed every member of the Jan. 6 committee as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to testify at the trial. ‘We want to hear exactly what went on here,’ Schoen said. ‘Why is it that Mr. Bannon was singled out and targeted for criminal prosecution?’”

Bannon’s lawyers are making the point that policy allows White House officials to refuse compliance with any subpoena once the president enacts executive privilege. Donald Trump enacted that privilege which allows Bannon to keep from having to answer any of Nancy Pelosi’s committee questions.

The Democrats are seeking to deny Bannon his right to refuse to answer their questions because they maintain that Trump’s actions no longer apply to him. The judge seemed to agree because Trump never told Bannon to ignore Congress.

The Democrats need a victory to finalize their fake January 6 narrative. They need to find somehow a story that they can pin on Donald Trump so they can somehow keep him from running against them in the next presidential election cycle.

Bannon was their target of choice because they noticed that he was vulnerable and because it appeared that he knew something about the upcoming protests. But when the facts are laid out, any one person could have claimed that people would show up and protest the election results.

The majority of the country was ticked off over how the election count took place and how Joe Biden mysteriously took a slight lead in several key states. It was evident to everyone that the Democrats were up to something illegal.

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