Major Case on Second Amendment Before SCOTUS…On Gun Restrictions

The liberals are constantly seeking ways to limit the free exercise of the Second Amendment. They love to impose rules and regulations to make people wait before they can be approved to buy a gun. They even impose rules that dictate a person must be licensed to carry a weapon in public. And their penalties for violating their laws are immense.

But one case that is challenging the legality of the liberal’s attempt to smother the Second Amendment in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen. The Supreme Court will hear the case and determine if the liberal-run state of New York has the right to restrict people from carrying a concealed gun in public.

The case will have broad ramifications on the Second Amendment. And it will determine all future laws and how they are handled. The state of New York wants the Supreme Court to side with them to keep people from lawfully and legally exercising their right to carry a weapon in public. And the plaintiffs want the court to side with them, which will nullify all liberal attempts to smoother the Second Amendment in the future.

The matter before the Supreme Court travels back to 1911 when New York allowed people to carry a handgun. The person needed to file for a permit and prove that they needed to protect themselves from potential harm such as a stalker. The point of allowing a person to carry a handgun was to put a stop to the rise in violence happening in New York.

Over the years, the measure has proven to keep would-be criminals from attacking people. The risk of their death was not worth the small number of possessions they would get off of them.

The plaintiffs in the case headed to the Supreme Court are Robert Nash and Brandon Kock. They were denied permits because it was determined that they could not prove that their lives were in danger as they traveled to and from work. But these men claim that their Second Amendment right to bear arms is being taken away from them by liberals that have over-regulated their freedom.

Nash and Koch want to carry a gun when they are attacked by evil. The gun is the perfect deterrent against a person seeking to harm them. The Second Amendment has the same effect and meaning. Another country would think twice about attacking the United States if they knew every American had a gun that they would use to stop the invading forces.

Russia found out the hard way when it invaded Ukraine. They did not expect the Ukrainian people to get involved in the war and fight alongside the military. Their efforts to protect freedom prove very effective at stopping the Russian military from destroying their land.

The Supreme Court is set to focus on the right to bear arms. In 2008 the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Washington D.C. residents being able to own guns and have them in their homes. Washington is a liberal’s playground, and they have all but stripped Americans of their rights and freedoms.

The concept behind the Second Amendment is the right of a person to be able to defend themselves against evil forces. The evil may come from an invading country, or it may be from a criminal looking to attack their next victim. Either way, the person has the right to defend themselves using a gun if they choose to do so.

New York’s law is copied by several other states that require a person to have a cause for carrying a concealed weapon. The Supreme Court’s decision on the case will affect those states and their laws on carrying a gun.

The court is ruled by a group of Justices that believe in upholding the Constitutional rights of citizens being able to bear arms. The right of all people to protect themselves was placed in the Constitution because the Founding Fathers knew the danger that violence could enact on a nation if not combatted with equal force.

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