No Guns? Enter the Molotov Cocktail…

The liberals have made a fatal assumption. They believe that if they can get rid of all guns, the country will be a safer place. Every day, we hear about how guns were used to either kill someone, harm a group of people, or use it to intimidate people when committing a crime.

Guns can be obtained easily. While there are background checks and such, those who cannot pass background checks will find illegal ways to obtain guns. They will buy them from gangs or from the many illegals who have been crossing our southern border.

Gun laws are only being followed by law-abiding citizens. So, the more gun laws that are created will only make it harder for law-abiding Americans to maintain their Second Amendment rights.

Gun laws aren’t reducing the amount of gun crime.

And for the few criminals that are affected by the gun laws, they always find a work-around. There’s the common saying, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

It turns out that those who can’t get their hands on guns, they’ll just make some Molotov cocktails.

A Molotov cocktail is one of the crudest weapons that can be created – and it doesn’t require using any illegal products. It’s simply a bottle that’s filled with something flammable. And when chucked into a large crowd, it can produce a devastating amount of damage.

Essentially, these are grenades – they’re just homemade.

And now, they’re being used in various places around the U.S. – including an incident that took place in Raleigh, North Carolina this past weekend.

A man showed up at a police station in Raleigh, armed with nothing more than Molotov cocktails. He was setting police cars on fire with his homemade concoctions.

It wasn’t long until an officer noticed what was happening and called for backup. This was at 1:20 in the afternoon. With a total of four officers on the scene, the man allegedly began throwing Molotov cocktails not just at the vehicles but at the officers.

FOX 8, a local FOX News channel reported that the officers opened fire once it was clear that the man wasn’t going to stop throwing the Molotov cocktails – and two police cars were already on fire.

The Raleigh fire department showed up on the scene to put the vehicle fires out.

The city’s police chief, Estella D. Patterson, has already commented that she’ll be pushing to have bodycam footage released from the incident.

Now, because we know how the liberals handle these situations, we’ll make a few assumptions.

One, if the man was a person of color, the police officers who opened fire will be investigated. It won’t matter that they were acting out of self-defense. After all, the liberals would rather see officers killed than a criminal even injured, let alone killed. And, obviously, if the man was white, this will be buried in the news because it doesn’t impact the liberals and their disgusting agenda.

Two, there won’t be any mention of the incident in the mainstream news because it demonstrates a heinous crime that was committed without the use of a firearm. The liberal news outlets would prefer to keep the agenda alive that the only crimes being committed in the country are using guns and, therefore, all guns are bad and should be confiscated immediately.

And, because we know that criminals love to get ideas from one another, we can only expect that Molotov cocktails will be increasingly more common. Oh, and in case a liberal tries to tell you differently, they’re already illegal. The ATF identifies Molotov cocktails as “illegal explosives.” We’ll still see them used, though, because we already know that criminals don’t care about laws.

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