Left-Wing Group Crew Asks Apple To Ban Truth Social

Left-wing activist group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) in Washington, DC, is trying to convince Apple to drop Truth Social from its store, just as the Trump-backed application opened to all iPhone users.

CREW President Noah Bookbinder wrote in a lengthy personal appeal to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook on April 21, asking him to remove Truth Social from its store. The app is currently No. 1 in downloaded apps.

Bookbinder wrote: “In light of former President Donald Trump’s history of undermining democracy and promoting violent extremism, his prior abuse of social media platforms to do so, and his apparent desire to continue doing so through the recently launched Truth Social platform, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (‘CREW’) urges you to remove the application from the Apple App Store.”

Bookbinder added it was “incumbent on all companies to choose not to support those who undermine democracy, and your company, in particular, is well placed to combat disinformation and protect democracy against imminent risk. Removing the Truth Social platform from the App Store is consistent with Apple’s pledge to ‘stand for democracy’ and prevent the promotion of extremist content.”

Bookbinder also blamed Facebook, Twitter, and Parler for allowing “January 6 insurrectionists” to organize and noted that Google took “swift action” to remove Parler from its Google Play Store after January 6 and Apple “quickly followed suit.”

Bookbinder then warned Cook of “significant repetitional risks” to his business.

CREW has tweeted the letter repeatedly from its Twitter account. In light of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, CREW has tweeted that Twitter should not allow Trump back on.

Earlier this week, Bookbinder said in light of the news that Trump would not rejoin Twitter, “it’s more crucial than ever that Apple remove Truth Social from the App store, as @CREWcrew called for, because having it there legitimizes his anti-democratic behavior.”

CREW, in 2017, launched a failed ethics complaint against Trump Media & Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes when he was serving as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Nunes was cleared in December 2017 of any ethics violation.

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