DEA Admits They Know China is Behind the Fentanyl Crisis and Have Done Nothing About It

DEA Administrator Anne Milgram sat down for an interview with ABC on April 5th, an interview that aired that night. While discussing the missions of the DEA she explained just how bad the fentanyl problem in America has gotten, she also touched on where it was coming from and provided a damning confession as to how they are getting it.

“We do see a large number of young people who are purchasing pills. What we know is that China is providing chemicals to Mexico, to the criminal drug networks that are then mass-producing these fake prescription pills. They’re being sold as if they were Xanax, as if they were Oxy, as if they were Percocet. But there’s no Xanax, no Oxy, no Percocet in them. They’re fentanyl. But it isn’t just young people that we see, it’s also older Americans.”

When older Americans are getting into it, it’s a bad sign. Now, mind you these ‘older’ Americans were also coming of age during the pot and acid-filled 70s, as well as the cocaine epidemic of the 80s. They have been experimenting for a long time, so to see them crossing over into a more dangerous substance like fentanyl is not a massive surprise to anyone. However, that comes with its own problems.

These older addicts have done cocaine and heroin-like it was going out of business. Now that those designer drugs are ultimately much more expensive, they are being forced to substitute them with prescription pills. They aren’t the only ones though. The children (and grandchildren subsequently) have learned about prescription pills as the big-name street drugs were unavailable in rural America. Pain pills though, were easily found and highly addictive.

Once the addiction set in they would have to find a dealer to keep them in supply. Unbeknownst to them and likely their dealer, many of these cheap pills have been cut with fentanyl as a way for the drug cartels to save some cash. While these savings are mostly swept up into their profit margins, some of the savings are bound to make their way to the user.

As Milgram pointed out, that has turned it into an even bigger problem. “Right now, this is the leading cause of death. Overdoses are the leading cause of death for men between the age of 18 and 45. There are more overdose deaths than car accidents and gun violence. So, we have to be really expansive in understanding that it’s just not teens, it’s Americans of all ages, cuts across every single demographic, rural, urban, suburban, and that people are dying at record rates.”

This kind of crisis boiling back down to the actions of Mexico and China is incredibly horrific for Americans. The Chinese are already backing Russia and in essence, daring us to take a step. That would quickly become a nuclear stalemate or all-out conflict, with little room for provocation between the two.

Mexico on the other hand is someplace we don’t want to go. The violence the cartels will use on their own families for crossing them is some of the most vicious the globe has seen. We cannot set foot into their country to do anything either. So, we are stuck waiting for them to clean up their nation, and as we can see that won’t happen. For now, all we can do is try and keep people off the pills. As Florida has previously shown the country, that is not so easy once they get into them.

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  1. Please explain once again, why the American people shouldn’t believe that our government is the enemy. Can anyone give an example of one thing our Government has done, in the last 18 months, that make the American people feel safe. Can anyone show proof of one thing our Government has told the American people, that isn’t a half truth, or an outright lie in the last 3 years. An army of invaders has been infiltrating our country in numbers never before seen, yet our lying government wants Americans to believe Ukraines border is more important than our own. This invasion will continue, unless it becomes an actual war zone. Obviously, a Hundred Thousand dead Americans is not important to our government. Though if it were to start impacting them personally something might change.

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