Democrat Tom Malinowski Goes On Anti-Parent Tirade

Vulnerable Democrat Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) appeared to go on a tirade against parents taking issue with what their children are learning in school, calling their concerns “made-up cultural bullshit” stemming from a “fringe movement.”

Malinowski was asked at a town hall event what Congress was doing to “protect educators, and our students and their identity.”

“One of the crazy things happening in America right now is we’ve got a political movement that says they care about kids, because the way they express that care is by banning books,” Malinowski replied. “And they don’t want to do a damn thing about the guns.”

It is unclear to which books the New Jersey Democrat is referring, but the two most prominent books targeted by parents for removal from classrooms contain pornographic and pedophilic material.

The congressman also said the “real problems” are gun violence and the climate crisis, condemning a parents’ rights- and anti-indoctrination-centered movement he calls a “fringe movement” that is trying to divide the country “over made-up cultural bullshit.”

Malinowski claims that this “fringe movement” exists because the parents involved are “the ones going to school boards, they’re the ones speaking up.” The congressman explained that the “fringe movement” to ban books is because parents “want power, not because they actually care about us.”

Continuing, Malinowski said there are “people acting as though the number one threat to America is transgender girls playing on sports teams,” referring to the phenomenon of boys identifying as girls competing and winning against girls in sports, as well as the ability for boys to use girls’ restrooms and locker rooms.

“I had somebody else… say, ‘There are thousands of people gonna vote against you unless you stand up to the threat of transgender girls playing sports games,’” he said, claiming that all that would do is make young people feel bad, causing them to hurt themselves.

“What does happen is people like that [are] making young people feel bad about who they are,” he said. “You know what just happened? An epidemic of youth suicide.”

He went on to talk about the Florida bill that empowers parents and also bans schools from teaching gender theory to kindergarteners through third graders, erroneously calling it the “Don’t say gay bill” — a manufactured name the establishment media and other Democrats have been using to try to delegitimize a bill that protects young children from explicit sexual content.

Malinowski’s tirade should also be seen in light of the fact that he has received $29,002 from teachers’ unions since becoming a member of Congress.

Teachers’ unions have been on the forefront of pushing critical race theory and gender theory in schools, as well as keeping them closed down for “virtual learning” — leading to reports of skyrocketing rates of youth depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

One Virginia mom recently told the heartbreaking story of her son’s suicide due to critical race theory indoctrination and coronavirus isolation.

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