Psaki Dodges Inquiries About the US Still Buying Russian Oil

Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich has been hitting White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki with the hard questions left and right. Fox News as a whole has been finding ways of phrasing questions that Psaki just won’t answer or won’t respond truthfully to. This kind of pressure is something the American people have been wanting to see Psaki face for some time.

Now as Ukraine is finding itself stuck in conflict with the invading Russians, the global oil prices are going sky high. In turn, things like natural gas, gasoline, and heating oil are getting pumped higher and higher. Inflation had already pushed these prices sky-high, but this only made things worse. As the US and other nations impose sanctions on Russia, the US is being caught purchasing Russian oil.

With a brutal back and forth between Psaki and Heinrich, both ladies refused to give an inch to the other. As Heinrich asked about the US financing the Russians, Psaki reminded her that it was only 10% of our imported oil. While that might sound insignificant when you consider how much we are importing because Biden refused to increase US production that 10% really starts to stack up.

When asked about domestic production and the Keystone pipeline, Psaki had very short responses. “Well, there are 9,000 approved oil leases that the oil companies are not tapping into currently, so I would ask them that question… The Keystone pipeline has never been operational. It would take years for that to have any impact.” These short and confrontational answers from Psaki have become the standard for her way of talking to the press since Biden took the Presidency.

In response, Heinrich pushed her about what the US could do while awaiting that pipeline to come online and to start production. As usual, Psaki pushed back and wanted to talk about the release of strategic reserves. Something Heinrich was more than happy to remind her had little to no effect on the pricing here within the US. As Americans saw no real relief at the pump, it was apparent that this was a useless idea to release more of the reserves. America needs real impacts, and Psaki has nothing for that.

Well, let me finish, what we can do over time is — and what this all a reminder of in the president’s view, is our need to reduce our reliance on oil.” This change of topics and deflection by Psaki is something not only she but the Democrats as a whole have become known for. This isn’t the kind of response a White House press secretary should be giving. Then again, she is the perfect representation of a Democrat. Her arguments and inability to keep herself on the topic and to speak the truth are incredibly bothersome.

No matter what, Psaki will continue pushing the Presidential narrative of everything being fine. Even when the entire country has been experiencing problems to a level we have never before seen. The idea that the progressives push everything onto the conservative right is disgusting. We are not at fault for the state of the country. Their horrific choice for a President and his party’s first mindset is to blame for this situation. Perhaps if they learned how to come to the table and talk like adults, we could get things done and get the country back on track. Until that happens though, we are all up a creek without a paddle.

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