Russia Blacklists Facebook, Twitter

In response to the restrictions placed on Russian state media by the social media Masters of the Universe, the Russian government has apparently blocked all access to Facebook and Twitter in Russia.

The Guardian reports that Russia has blocked Twitter and Facebook access in retaliation to the restrictions placed on Russian-state media like Russia Today and Sputnik. Breitbart News reported previously that Facebook (including YouTube and TikTok) has completely blocked access to Russian media outlets such as Russia Today and Sputnik across the European Union.

Roskomnadzor is the Russian state communications regulator. It has now been announced that Twitter and Facebook will be banned in Russia. Roskomndazor claims that 26 instances of discrimination have been filed against Russian media outlets by Facebook since October 2020. Facebook has been accused by the regulator of violating “rights and freedoms” of Russian citizens.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, and the country is calling on tech companies to help it. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, commented on Russian media’s impact, saying: “The state-owned Russia Today, Sputnik, as well as their subsidiaries, will not be able to spread lies to justify Putin’s war.”

Nick Clegg, President of Global Policy at Facebook, stated that the company has received requests from “numbers of governments” and the European Union to limit Russian state media. Clegg stated that “given the extraordinary nature of the current circumstances, we will restrict access to RT or Sputnik across EU at this time.”

Breitbart News reported previously that Twitter claimed to have blocked over a dozen accounts related to Russian disinformation operations. Twitter spokeswoman said that more than 12 accounts were permanently suspended and several links blocked in violation of the platform manipulation and spam policy. While our investigation continues, we believe that accounts and links were originated in Russia. They were trying to disrupt public discourse about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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