Nancy Pelosi Claims Republicans Want Cancer For Our Veterans

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), claimed Wednesday that Republicans want “cancer to our veterans” and are giving tax cuts for the wealthy. Pelosi spoke out about a bill that would label respiratory diseases as a result of toxic exposures resulting from military action.

She continued, “And they are more concerned about the budget than they are about their own health.” “Oh, really? You just gave tax cuts to the richest Americans in 2017, tax cuts for the wealthy, and cancer for our veterans. That’s how we see the discussion.”

Pelosi accuses President Biden of launching the House initiative during the State of the Union Address.

Biden stated that he is asking Congress to pass a law to ensure veterans who have been exposed to toxic substances in Iraq or Afghanistan get the health care and benefits they deserve. He also referred to the potential expenditures as a “sacred obligation” to provide care for all of those sent to war and to help their families return home.

According to reports, the bill would have a cost of $300 billion over ten years. This has caused Senators to oppose it.

Pelosi said, “Don’t even speak to us about price.” “This is a cost to war that we should acknowledge… it’s worth it. It will come at a high price.

Current policy by the Department of Veterans Affairs is to consider claims from veterans on a case-by-case basis. This excludes claims for asthma, rhinitis or sinusitis.

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