Ontario To Review Vaccine Mandates For Care Home Workers After Freedom Convoy

Ontario is lifting Canada’s Wuhan virus restriction. Minister from the provincial government announced that he would review vaccine mandates for long-term care workers.

Paul Calandra, the Minister for Long-Term care in Canada’s province of Alberta, announced this week that Premier Doug Ford and the Ontario Provincial Government would examine the mandate for long-term care facilities to have vaccines. It is part of its efforts removes coronavirus restrictions.

Calandra said they are currently reviewing all regulations and mandates. According to the broadcaster CBC, he stated that the government is currently reviewing all restrictions and mandates.

Dr. Kieran Moore is Ontario’s chief physician. He expressed the desire to have a discussion about vaccine mandates for care homes. He pointed out that many residents of these homes have been vaccinated.

He stated, “At this moment, I’m absolutely supportive of working with the minister to reflect on their current rate, risk in the community and review whether that mandate should be kept for a third dose to workers. ”

On March 1, Ontario will stop issuing vaccine passports. This announcement was made following Freedom Convoy protestors who blocked several Canadian borders and occupied a section of downtown Ottawa near the Canadian Parliament.

After declaring the end of the vaccine pass system, Premier Ford declared a State Emergency. He called in police to clear a blockade at Windsor’s Ambassador Bridge (Ontario), which was one of the main hubs for cross-border commerce between Canada and the United States.

Ford lifted the Ontario emergency earlier in the week. Ivana Yulich, Ford spokeswoman, stated that the emergency tools for law enforcement would remain in place while the police address ongoing activities on ground.

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