MSNBC’s Hasan Suggests Expanding The Supreme Court In Steps For Fighting COVID

Mehdi Hasan, the MSNBC host, suggested expanding the Supreme Court in tweets outlining his position regarding taking “dire emergency measures” in regard to COVID-19.

Keep vaccine mandates in place, especially in schools. Wherever possible, keep vaccine mandates. For domestic travel, you must get a mandate from the EO to receive a vaccine. Send out more high-quality, free masks and rapid tests on a monthly basis. To boost uptake, tie ‘opening up. Hasan tweeted Saturday, “Expand the Supreme Court.”

Hasan replied to Tom Nichols’ tweet. Nichols asked Hasan for clarification on his position and whether he supports taking “truly desperate emergency steps”.

Hasan’s suggestions were answered by Nichols, who said he was open to the idea, but not with mask mandates being kept in schools and with expanding the Supreme Court. Hasan stated that the “first” and “last” suggestions were the most important.

Many political commentators and personalities took to Twitter to critique Hasan’s position.

Tom Bevan, CEO of Real Clear Politics, asked Tom Bevan what expanding the court had to do with public healthcare.

Nathan Brand, Deputy Communication Director for the GOP stated that “Democrats midterm messaging”

Many states include California, Connecticut and Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts. Nevada, New Jersey. New York. Oregon. Rhode Island. Washington.

On February 28, Connecticut announced they would lift the mask requirement for childcare facilities and schools. New York and California also announced plans to lift the indoor mask mandate. However, they will not remove the face-covering requirement that students must adhere to for the time being.

Washington will be ending its outdoor mask mandate. However, both the indoor mandate and school masking requirements will continue to apply.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, D. “It will be, when we can accomplish this, it’s no longer a question of if, but of when.”

According to the governor, he expects to receive an update next week on indoor masking requirements.

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