Team Biden Caught Without Evidence To Prove Major Russia & ISIS Claims

After journalists asked two main allegations from the White House, the Biden administration’s spokespersons appeared confused and surprised on Thursday. They claimed that the U.S. military had not killed the children and women who died in the operation in Syria this week. And that Russia was allegedly plotting a “fabricated attack” to invade Ukraine.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, expressed surprise at the Biden administration’s claim that the suicide bomber triggered the suicide bomb and that the three victims of Tuesday’s attack on Islamic State leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi were the children and a woman.

Q. Jen: Will there be any evidence, or release, to support this idea? I know that the U.S. has stated that they set off the bomb. Will the U.S. offer any evidence? There may be some people who are skeptical about the events and the fate of the civilians.

MS. PSAKI – Skeptical about the U.S. military’s assessment of an ISIS terror–leader of ISIS — when they went to take out an ISIS terror group?

Q. Yes.

Psaki expressed dismay that journalists weren’t willing to believe the official narrative of the government, suggesting that any questioning the U.S. government was similar to trusting in the Islamic State.

Psaki referred back to Biden’s comments that a terrorist suicide bomb was responsible for civilian deaths. He also briefed a national security source.

The State Department was also accused of accepting conspiracy theories at a separate press conference. It was accused of supporting conspiracy theories about Russia’s claim that it planned to infiltrate Ukraine with a false flag.

Matt Lee, a journalist for the Associated Press, demanded evidence from Biden to support their narrative. He accused the White House of straying into Alex Jones territory and led to a long exchange.

Price reiterated that journalists should be able to trust the U.S. government. Lee suggested that Lee sympathized with the Russian government by questioning its claims.

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