US Truckers Slam Facebook For Removing Page Organizing DC Freedom Convoy

American truckers are following Canada’s lead by organizing a protest against vaccine mandates. However, the U.S. group’s Facebook page was taken down early Wednesday by an organizer who called it “censorship at its best.”
The group, called “Convoy to D.C.2022”, was created to help truckers plan and coordinate their trip from California to Washington, D.C.

Jeremy Johnson, the person who created the Facebook group, stated that his personal account had been removed as well. He contacted a civil rights attorney in order to discuss the next steps.

Facebook declared QAnon a conspiracy network that incites violence and released an announcement in October 2020 saying admins and group pages related to QAnon would be removed.

Landis, a trucker who was involved in the freedom convoy said to Carley Shimkus, host, that this movement has been “a long time coming.” Landis said that Americans are tired and frustrated by “government overreach”, and criticized politicians for not following the Constitution.

He said, “The presence of those people who are unhappy about what’s happening is a good method to hopefully get their attention.”

Johnson and Brase expect a broad range of Americans to come out to support them, and not just truckers.

Brase stated, “This crosses all genders and all races, all sexual orientations and all occupations.” It’s not just about truckers, though. It’s all about America.

The group’s goal: peaceful protests to end vaccine mandates.

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