Sen. Marsha Blackburn Calls for Special Counsel to Investigate Biden Family China Business Dealings

Sen. Marsha Blackburn recently stated that she believes Attorney General Merrick Garland should appoint a special counsel to investigate President Joe Biden’s family deals with the Chinese Communist Party.

Blackburn stated Monday night that what we know and what we can conclude from all this is that the Attorney General should appoint an attorney special to investigate the events surrounding Biden Incorporated, Hunter Biden and James Biden and Joe Biden’s business dealings in communist China and the Chinese Communist Party.

After Breitbart News published a document from Delaware on Sunday evening, showing that the IRS subpoenaed JPMorgan Chase Bank to obtain financial records of Hunter Biden and his brother James Biden. Also, Devon Archer, Eric Schwerin, and a variety of other business entities they were involved in, Blackburn gave the interview.

According to a confidential subpoena sent to JPMorgan Chase, a criminal IRS investigation into Hunter Biden, President Biden’s child — has been underway as far back as May 2019. Also, the subpoena seeks bank records for James Biden (the president’s brother), which is the first time that another Biden family member has been uncovered in connection to the investigation.

Breitbart News obtained the document. It specifically requests information about related transactions between JPMorgan Chase Bank (which the document refers to as “correspondent” bank) and Bank of China (which the document refers to as the “originating or beneficiary banking”.

Blackburn stated that these subpoenas documents and revelations in Peter Schweizer, a senior contributor to Breitbart News, and the book Red-Handed, How American Elites Get Rich Helping China to win, have begun to paint a larger picture of the Biden family. These new revelations, which follow those that were made via Hunter Biden’s laptop in The New York Post, in the lead up to the 2020 election, and leaked emails from Bevan Cooney, a former Hunter Biden associate, she said, begin to show a glimpse of how the Bidens functioned.

Blackburn stated that the picture is beginning to emerge because Biden Incorporated has been focusing on foreign entities and that Hunter Biden is more or less the centerpiece of it. Joe and James Biden, as well as other families, are also involved in this via Biden Incorporated. It is troubling, it is worrying, and this is not good news for the country. We need to get a Special Counsel appointed. We must get a Special Counsel to investigate the business transactions.

Blackburn, who is a member U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee said that she had reviewed the Breitbart News reports and believes President Biden “owes an answer” to the public. However, she also stated that she thinks he will not be able to explain the situation and that a Special Counsel is needed.

Blackburn stated, “As I have reviewed your story and the documents that you have provided, I believe that the president owes me an explanation. But we know that it would be difficult for the president to provide that explanation. It seems appropriate that a special counsel is appointed to investigate the business dealings that led to these events.” We know Hunter Biden traveled to China with his father on Air Force Two for an official visit. We know that Hunter Biden went ahead with the meetings and that he didn’t want the Secret Service to accompany him to them. We believe that there should be a special counselor to review the matter. If the investigation is ongoing, we would like to hear from the grand juror about the information they have, and what next steps they plan to take.

Breitbart News reports that the document lists the names of several businesses in the subpoena. They include Owasco and Skaneateles as well as the transactions and banks involved, including the Bank of China.

When asked about the listing of all these entities by federal authorities at one location in the grand jury subpoena, Blackburn stated that she believes that this criminal investigation is ongoing and complex.

Blackburn stated that “it appears that they have sufficient information that they were able to move forward with the subpoena for JPMorgan Chase.” I believe that the AG should appoint an attorney to investigate these business transactions. This is because of what has happened with Communist China, Russia, Burisma, or any other person involved in this. It is obvious that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were involved in these business deals. There is photographic evidence that Joe Biden attended Hunter’s events. It is important to understand the details of the business deals that have taken place, how they have made money off them, and what the continued affiliation of Hunter Biden and James Biden to some of these foreign entities.

In addition to her call for Garland to appoint a Special Counsel, she expects Garland to face serious questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee–especially if Republicans retake the Senate majority. Blackburn believes that Americans should see action right away and not wait until next year. Therefore, she urges Garland to appoint an immediate Special Counsel before they weigh in on the midterm elections.

Blackburn stated that AG Garland is regularly present before us for hearings and review, and it would make sense to have him questioned about this. It would be crucial that we have some clarity about the situation before we wait to get the majority back or wait until we get our gavel. This is a serious matter. It was very serious when you consider the scrutiny placed on Trump and his family, as well as the allegations that were misinformation about Russia. These are the allegations against Hunter Biden and Biden Incorporated. James Biden is now implicated in this. It is important to get answers sooner than later. If we don’t get them, then definitely. The Senate Judiciary Committee should hold hearings to examine the actual events surrounding these interactions Hunter Biden and Biden Inc. had with these foreign entities.

Blackburn stated that these documents, along with the fact that Biden is completely ignoring China’s accountability, are “unsettling.”

Blackburn stated, “When you go through the documents, which I appreciate, but then when you look through them and realize that they had interactions with the Bank of China. That is troubling.” What are the most frustrating things for Americans this year? Joe Biden hasn’t held China accountable for Covid-19. Covid has been a devastating problem that has impacted the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands. It has cost the country trillions of dollars. It has led to mental health problems for teens and children, and China has not been held accountable. This week, with the Olympics beginning and our athletes still going for the Olympics, President Biden did nothing but a diplomatic boycott. Trade is one of the most important issues. Look at the genocide against the Uyghur Muslims. Look at how the Uyghur Muslims are being treated by Hong Kong freedom fighters, Tibetans and Mongolians. Then you see the involvement of U.S. companies in China, as well as the Chinese Communist Party. You can’t help but think, “hey, wait a minute, that coziness that’s there is quite unsettling. It is not good news for the country, it’s not good for freedom and it needs to be addressed quickly.”

Blackburn has been warning for years about China’s rise and has been hitting China hard for some time. She stated that the current administration seems content to watch China rise and America fall.

Blackburn stated that he has been a tireless advocate for the China issue for many years. It could have been intellectual property theft or mistreatment of U.S. corporations and small and medium-sized businesses doing business in China. Or it could have been China’s push for Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms and trying to get into the Sister Cities program. This cannot happen. We cannot allow that to happen. Therefore, it is imperative that we focus our attention on how we can strengthen our country and how to fight against people who don’t wish us well. Because we, the American people, want America to be exceptional and extraordinary for all our citizens. We have an administration and president that seem content with America being ordinary.

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