Biden’s Pondering What To Do About the Russia/Ukraine Fiasco As Ukrainians Beg Him To Rescue Them From Certain Death

As Vladimir Putin continues stacking Russian soldiers on top of one another at Ukraine’s border, NATO planes and warships have been dispatched as a deterrence against the evergrowing likelihood of an inevitable invasion. Joe Biden on the other hand is still pondering the situation. He’s already sent Ukraine a boatload full of U.S. taxpayer money that was happily accepted, but a bulging bank account won’t defeat the Russians. Putin didn’t give Ukraine a fair enough warning to be able to fortify their troop strength and purchase additional wartime equipment.

Joe Biden has other options and it isn’t like Ukraine hasn’t been unattractively begging him for additional help. Ukraine is a democracy that needs America to step up to the plate by letting them borrow some of its fancy high-tech equipment. Since they can’t readily locate any of that kinda stuff on the open market, and they’ve scoured eBay with no luck, their desperate pleas are aimed at the White House. Come on, Joe. This is Russia they’re talking about.

There should be no begging involved. Biden asking Putin to pretty please call of the invasion is going nowhere, and sanctions, as per usual, go straight into the Kremlin’s circular file as soon as they’re received. Most sanctions are just political ploys to convince the general public that retaliatory measures have been taken against whichever nation has been misbehaving itself.

Yet, as Russian troops are polishing up their howitzer’s, Biden still believes that he and Vladimir Putin can work things out like the refined gentlemen they are. Biden is still warning Vlad that a full-scale invasion of Ukraine would trigger much harsher Western sanctions.

Here’s the problem. Biden has mentioned the possibility of increasing U.S. military support in Ukraine by sending in troops and equipment, but referring to taking such action as a last resort is only putting Putin better at ease. Russia is poised and ready to go. They could annihilate Ukraine before the US could even get its troops and equipment on a plane.

Putin isn’t stupid. Taking back Ukraine has been years in the making and it’s why verbal threats are having little to no impact. The Rusian’s have studied which sanctions would most negatively affect their economy and have come up with workarounds. Plus he knows how any nation that imposes its harshest sanctions would suffer a bullseye to their own economy, and most countries, including the US, are struggling as it is. He’s counting on there not being any huge risk-takers.

Joe Biden has made no secret of his primary focuses being on China and climate control. Putin knows the day will come when the old man will need his help in attaining those long-range goals, and he knows Biden knows it as well.

Nutshell. Vladimir Putin has extensively analyzed every option for Russia re-claiming Ukraine. He appears willing to suffer any short-term repercussions that Russia has already prepared for anyway. But in the long haul, Russia will be an important piece of the puzzle for both the US and the EU for trying to break down the Great Wall of China. And he’s a patient man. “No rush, comrades.” 

It’s no longer a question of whether Russia will invade Ukraine, it’s a matter of when will Putin sound the whistle. Not to worry, unless you’re a resident of Ukraine of course, it’ll all be over with quickly. If this is you, hug the ones you love.

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