Joe Biden Invites More Foreign Workers To Take Americans’ White-Collar Careers

The deputies of President Joe Biden are encouraging more foreign college graduates into the U.S. to apply for white-collar jobs. This is just as they have opened up the southern border to approximately one million blue-collar migrants by 2021.

Rob Law, director of regulatory affairs at the Center for Immigration Studies said that the Center for Immigration Studies’ decision was a “punch to the gut” for American students. He said, “The government decided it was in their best interests to obtain their own unlimited supply of foreign workers outside the normal [immigration] channels.” So, congratulations. You won’t get a job as a STEM graduate [science, technology engineering, math] if you have a STEM degree.

Kevin Lynn, founder, and CEO of U.S. Tech Workers noted that the four-sided job giveaway will allow more foreign graduates to pursue non-technical careers. He said that the new jobs are available to migrants in forestry, data visualization, environmental studies as well as organizational psychology.

The January 21 announcement was made public to Forbes and Wall Street Journal, and it aims to implement many provisions of the January 2021 immigration expansion bill. Public opposition blocked the bill and its core provisions were copied into the Build back Better bill. This bill is also being blocked.

Business advocates for migration including the American Immigration Council are applauding the announcement. Many investors and business groups, including Mark Zuckerberg’s investor group, have been pushing for similar rules to allow them to hire more foreign workers.

Companies can keep more than a 1.5million middle-skilled, not-immigrant, white-collar workers abroad in jobs that are sought after by a large number of U.S. graduate skilled workers. This large population is enough to keep the labor market open for white-collar professionals. It also tilts the playing field in favor of the Fortune 500’s shareholders and executives.

These non-immigrant temporary workers work in subcontracted, low-wage gig jobs at a variety of Fortune 500 companies. This is a lot of Americans who once took the first steps towards a middle-class American life.

They are tied to the U.S. C-suite by their desire for highly valuable green cards. These workers work for green cards but have no legal rights or workplace rights. They often work under Indian managers, who practice an Indian work culture, including subservience and sexual, caste, and racial discrimination.

A 2020 report from the Department of Labor’s inspector general states that sponsorship of foreign workers to obtain green cards is “highly vulnerable to fraud.” The report stated that employers are not meeting the qualifications “relentlessly”. This is in line with decades of systemic fraud, as described by federal agencies, cops, embassy officials, and advocates for Americans. These abused workers are managed by routine bribes, kickbacks to their hiring managers.

Law stated that the visa-worker system was complex, complicated, inefficient, crowded, slow, and fractured. Law said that the uncertainty encourages foreign visa workers to continue coming to the United States for gig jobs, in the hopes of eventually receiving green cards. Law stated that if you stay around long enough, you will eventually find an immigration lawyer who will help you get some type of status that will guarantee that you are here forever.

This vast, ineffective green card workforce is used by executives to undermine the U.S. advancement class’s workplace power. Recent business scandals have revealed that U.S. professionals are losing arguments with C-suite executives about decent salaries, product quality, and innovative research. This is partly due to the fact that executives believe the green-card workforce will generate short-term stock market gains for them and their investors.

This policy expands the Optional Practice Training (OPT), the J-1 visa, and allows foreign graduates to apply for green cards in their home countries.

Uncapped OPT allows universities to trade work permits for one to three years. This program is available to approximately 400,000 foreign graduates every year, in exchange for tuition fees. Judges are told by federal officials that OPT work permits are not training opportunities. However, they provide the main route for foreign graduates to enter the U.S. labor force and eventually get a green card.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, “OPT is advertised as a ‘practical-training’ program but it only offers financial incentives to bypass American workers.” It does not require domestic workers to be paid the prevailing wage or to provide protection for them. American workers, especially recent college graduates, deserve fair opportunities to get the jobs and wages that they deserve.

Donald Trump restricted the OPT program which is estimated to be worth $30 billion per year to universities.

Biden’s deputy is expanding the program by allowing foreign graduates to obtain three-year work permits for 22 more careers. These additional careers include non-STEM jobs such as “general forestry” and those that are sought after by women, such as data visualization, organizational psychology, and environmental studies.

The administration will also expand the Department of State’s J-1 Visa program. Many universities and non-profits use this program to hire low-wage scientists, researchers and teachers, rather than hiring Americans. Businesses will be able to use the uncapped J-1 program to allow them to import more foreign students. This program is not capped and can be used as a “cultural exchange” for non-work purposes.

The third is that Biden’s people are lowering standards for O-1 “genius visa”, which was previously reserved for highly accomplished people.

Fourth, the announcement lowers the requirements to be granted an agency exception. This is known as the “National Interest Waiver (NIW), and it replaces the high standards that are required for people seeking green cards from abroad.

Current NIW rules state that candidates must have “exceptional capability.” However, the language announced January 21 suggests candidates only need a bachelor’s degree and five years of progressive experience in the field… or a level of expertise substantially higher than that which is normally encountered in sciences, arts, business.

The agency leaders can make it easier for the adjudicators, Rob law, a former top USCIS official under Trump, to lower the standards. An immigration lawyer will complain about the denial and request more evidence when it is issued. Mayorkar and Jaddou will then bully and denigrate these adjudicators. At that point, it’s just not worth the hassle for adjudicators to deny this waiver. The law and eligibility requirements no longer matter. The only correct answer is “Get to Yes.” ‘”

Although the four new rules by Biden’s administration do not change the H-1B visa program (which provides work permits to approximately 115,000 additional foreign workers each year), it does affect the existing H-1B program.

The federal government doesn’t keep track of the number H-1B workers. The majority of H-1B workers remain in the United States for years before getting green cards. This has led to the estimated number of residents at almost one million. The program is vulnerable to fraud. This means that many more people, including those who have illegally overstayed their visas, maybe working under duplicate or fake H-1B permits.

Unsupervised and uncapped B-1/B-2 programs also increase the illegal white-collar worker population. This program allows foreign graduates to legally enter the country for six months of training, but they are not allowed to work. Many temporary visitors work in the United States, partially because their pay rates are much higher than those of their home country.

The January 21 announcement was made one year after Biden’s deputies released their immigration-expansion bill. Although the bill was stopped by Congress’ public opposition, some core provisions were included in the January 21 regulatory modifications.

Law stated that “a few Republicans understand it and are willing to voice their concerns.” Law said that elected Republicans still rely on the donor class, and are more concerned about their constituents than the campaign funds.

Law states that “Democrats do not view the immigration problem from the perspective of America or any American.” They only see it from the point of view of the alien. He said that there is no view of the American national interests, its impact on wages and housing, or any other aspect of American society.

The controversial economics of immigration are often ignored by U.S. journalists covering the issue. Instead, they prefer to concentrate on the drama at the border and the deportation of the migrants. Law stated that journalists are lacking in intellectual curiosity and almost all use the same talking points produced by the same higher-ups. They follow the same narrative, in lockstep.

Migration is a way to move money. Since at least 1990, the federal governments have tried to expel people from poor countries in order that they could serve U.S. investors as low-wage workers, government-aided customers, or high-density renters within the U.S. Economy.

This economic strategy is unstoppable and harmful to the common American: It reduces their opportunities for advancement and raises their housing prices.

This strategy also reduces Americans’ productivity and shrinks their political influence. It also widens regional wealth gaps between the Democratic’s coastal states and the Republican’s Heartland states.

This economic policy radicalizes Americans’ democratic and compromise-promoting civic culture. It also allows wealthy elites to ignore the despairing Americans at bottom of society.

Unsurprisingly, there are many polls that show strong opposition to labor migration and the inflows of temporary workers into jobs coveted by U.S. students.

Opposition is growing. It is anti-establishment and multiracial, transsex, nonracist, class-based.

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