BREAKING: United Kingdom to Drop All Restrictions

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday that his government would finally be lifting nearly all COVID restrictions.

Beginning next week, British citizens will no longer be required to wear masks anywhere, and remaining work-from-home policies will be lifted as well. Johnson also indicated that quarantine and self-isolation policies set to expire in March may be lifted even sooner. This comes as state scientists have suggested the Omicron variant has surpassed its peak nationally.

Johnson says vaccines and boosters have been successful enough to begin moving to an endemic stage in the United Kingdom.

“Because of the extraordinary booster campaign, together with the way the public have responded to the Plan B measures, we can return to Plan A in England and allow Plan B regulations to expire as a result from the start of Thursday next week.”

‘Plan A’ involves a looser approach that relies more heavily on self-care and self-quarantining, as well as booster campaigns and tighter border controls.

Johnson also said that COVID-19 passes would also end, although individual businesses could continue their use if they choose.

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  1. HERE IS THE SAD NOTE: This should be the U.S. making the changes that Britain is making. However, the PRESIDENT refuses to learn from the SCIENCE he only listening to a habitual liar Dr. Fauci who believes he and he only is Science.
    This President like Dr. Fauci is a habitual liar and will NEVER change policy because it would cause the DEMOCRATIC PARTY to be embarrassed
    This President has politicized the FDA that the FDA is unable to PROTECT THE AMERICAN CITIZEN by continuing the EXPERIMENTAL CHINESE/FAUCI SARS-COVID 19 VIRUS VACCINES that kill, maim and are totally noneffective at preventing a person from contracting or spreading of the VIRUS. .There have been thousands who have died of the VACCINE which in the past would have HALT THE VACCINE USE!
    My opinion not accepting responsibility for making wrong decisions and correcting those decision makes this President a COWARD.
    Just my opinion.

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