Liberals Turning on CDC Causing Widespread Confusion

Well, folks, it’s long overdue, but we’re here! After all the back and forth, now and only now are health experts and employee groups claiming the CDCs new COVID-19 guidelines have way too many holes in it.

Health experts are worried people will be exiting their isolation period per the CDC and be rapidly infecting everyone while still contagious while running around with a false sense of security. Especially now with the new Omicron variant upon us with very mild symptoms for the most part.

Back in early 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, if anyone had suspicions of being infected with the virus it was recommended that they quarantine for 14 days, which eventually changed depending on whether or not they had symptoms or had been vaccinated

As of Monday, the CDC has changed the guidelines to cut the isolation time in half depending on someone having exposure to a person that had contracted it or if they’ve just had a positive test with no symptoms.

The newest guidelines the CDC has put out do not include receiving a negative test before leaving isolation however it does state that after you have been isolated for 5 days you should wear a mask for the next 5 days.

Is it just me, or is anyone else laughing right about now? We all saw the videos on people vaping with a mask on and how much masks did not help. If anything more of us than not will attest to the fact that we never touched our faces so much in public in our lives.

Not more than that year we were all mandated to wear a mask, for our safety…

After being pressured by business groups due to lack of staff as a result of isolation times, now the CDC has decided it isn’t necessary to quarantine for the original fourteen or Ten days. This was a decision made shortly after deciding healthcare workers didn’t need to be isolated for the full time either.

Does anyone else think if this was for our safety we would still be isolating the whole time?

Studies have shown that people with COVID Pneumonia need to in fact isolate longer due to the infection in their lungs, however, not all patients were being treated with the same measures.

All that should be pointed out here is if we’re noticing the vaccines aren’t preventing us from contracting COVID-19 or spreading it, why are we not re-evaluating vaccine mandates as well? I digress…

With at-home tests being so difficult and near impossible to find, prices are so high people can’t afford to quarantine with no pay and purchase testing kits.

If we are going to shorten isolation days because you showed absolutely no symptoms, that’s one thing and even has science to back it up but to just say 5 days because you were mildly symptomatic that’s a whole other story entirely.

The phrase “mildly symptomatic” is very subjective and not one I would want to hang my hat on. Slowly but surely as time passes it seems as though the CDC isn’t as concerned about the people as much as they claim or as much as we would want them to be.

It appears as though they are more concerned with what is most convenient and what fits their agenda.

If they can shorten isolation time for the sake of keeping people at bay, we know they can drop the vaccine requirements for business people to board planes. It’s not about what’s best for us. It’s more or less what they need to do, to get what they want.

The real and the most alarming question we must ask ourselves is, what do they want?

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