Teachers Union Letter Seeking Delay Of In-School Learning Riddled With Errors

Arlington, Virginia parents slammed the teachers union by editing a letter with errors that were written to ask officials to delay opening schools. The corrected version was then posted on social media.

The parent tweeted, “Hey @VEA4Kids! Are you going to send more of these grammar worksheets during the break?” My kids and I had a lot of fun pointing out errors. We did find all of them!

The lead sentence was rewritten by the parent, which contains strange descriptions and is not in the correct style for the return to school date.

“On behalf of the members of the Arlington Education Association, this dire expression lends great concerns for Arlington Public Schools return plans for January 3rd, 2022.”

Arlington Education Association members are concerned by this terrible expression. The letter was addressed to Dr. Francisco Duran of Arlington Schools. It cites an increase in cases of omicron coronavirus and asks for a delay in the start of in-classroom learning. Arlington parents destroyed the letter from the Teachers Union with around 20 sloppy mistakes.

The Arlington parent shredded the teachers’ union letter with approximately 20 sloppy errors.

Evidently, the parent is an expert in editing and writing, she found more than 20 errors in the five-paragraph letter.

Apart from correcting poorly written sentences, the parent also points out misused words like “are” instead “our”. The parent editor wrote, in the margins beside one of the sentences in his letter, “Awkward” The letter stated that in-person learning was “dangerous” without certain conditions and added that “educators continue making the ultimate sacrifice.”

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  1. WHAT A PRIME EXAMPLE OF OUR UNEDUCATED EDUCATORS when a parent finds so many errors. This should be a RED FLAG to what our children are NOT BEING TAUGHT. From hundreds of article read one startling FACT has arising, IT IS TIME TO GET BACK TO THE REAL TEACHING OF OUR CHILDREN instead of these INDOCTINATION PROGRAMS and only test kids how to take a STATE PROFICIENCY TEST! The SCHOOL BOARDS need to eliminate CRT or EQUITY INDOCTRINATIONS and state TEACHING real courses like ENGLISH, ENGLISH LITERATURE, MATH, SCIENCE, CIVICS, GOVERNMENT, ETC. There is however a big BUT, the School Boards need to start the hiring practice of hiring on teacher with a MAJOR in the COURSE THEY ARE TEACHING. Example if it is MATH TEACHER their College Degree is in MATH, same for ALL COURSES.
    These so called EDUCATORS need to go back to school and obtain a MAJOR in the course they want to teach instead of these EDUCATOR DEGREES that teach by SYLLABUS.
    Just the opinion of a parent.

  2. I will be slammed for saying this but imho, this is the truth of the matter, to wit: when schools were desegregated in the late 60’s/early 70’s, we knew that the “separate but equal” claim made by yes, us white ppl, officials, politicians, etc., was far from reality. In my small AL town in which I grew up, we had a no-nonsense principal who enforced discipline and created the best possible environment for learning. Yet on the other side of the railroad tracks black kids were bussed to the only schools available to them in an adjoining town where teachers and facilities were second-rate. Desegregation was only logical unless we wanted to fork out millions for new facilities for them and for us, the white kids. We knew that the entire education system as a whole would be “dumbed down” for at least one generation but figured that continuing to foster a good learning enironment would quickly get everyone up to speed…. wrong, wrong, wrong! Courts took over the entire education system here and proceeded to implement changes that ensured we were in for a long period of re-adjustment. The system was in fact, dumbed down and for now 60 frkn years it remains that way! Why you may ask, well the courts mandated a quota of black teachers, black-oriented subject matter, no corporal punishment and then the trial lawyers got involved, lawsuits nearly bankrupted the whole system in our country and made school officials into timid little mice towards the children. The black teachers were taught
    and brought up in a substandard system so guess what…they imparted that to OUR children and so the story goes. Now we have doubled-down on the worshipping at the altar of MLK, Jr. and the kids who couldn’t afford private school are now all but illiterate adults, in many cases because little Johnny and little Susie were thrown in with Lee Roy, Cletus and Tyron who, because of court mandates and now integrated teacher ranks, and dumbed down but were standouts because the black kids had to be moved forward because you couldn’t fail a whole generation of black kids, so says the courts, and everybody’s education suffered and still suffers to this day. We have had now, going on three generations of kids with subpar scholastic abilities. The teacher’s unions have been taken over by militant blacks and “woke” whites who care only about their own pocket’s, retirement and working conditions, kids be damned!!!

  3. Alexandria Occasional Cortex is delusional. Every time she opens her mouth she sounds like a teenager who doesn’t get her own way. She has a much higher opinion of herself than anyone else does. Really no one wants to date her…

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