Is There Actually Hope in the Surgeon General’s Message?

Vivek Murthy, the country’s Surgeon General, shared a message of “hope” regarding COVID-19. Well, it’s about time someone does because we can’t rely on Dr. Fauci for any such message.

We’ve been dealing with COVID for nearly two years. And we’re so tired of the mixed messages, the mask mandates, and the vaccine mandates. We were once told that if we all masked up and stayed home for a few weeks, we’d be back to “normal” in no time.

Now, we’re dealing with the government telling us about a “new normal” – and it’s not looking too sunny.

“We have saved more than a million lives because of vaccination efforts this past year alone.”

That’s a good thing. It really is. But…there are still people who don’t want to get the vaccine because of the mixed messages – and the Biden administration is to blame for that.

Murthy was quick to say that he understood why Americans were frustrated at this point in the pandemic because it has gone on much longer than anyone could have anticipated.

During CNN’s “State of the Union,” the Surgeon general said, “We’ve lost so many people and our lives have been changed fundamentally. But those struggles shouldn’t obscure one critical thing, which is that we have made tremendous progress in this last two years as well.”

Sure, we’ve made progress. We have a vaccine that is capable of keeping most people out of the hospital in the event that they do contract COVID. And, we’ve even authorized boosters so that people can continue to stay protected as the coronavirus continues to drag on with variant after variant.

Murthy wants to offer a message of hope that the U.S. has learned how to confront the pandemic. He talks about developing better tools, how to use masks judiciously, and how to use better ventilation so that it’s safer to gather in spaces.

“We will get to the end of this pandemic. It’s gone through twists and turns. But we will get there and we will get there together.”

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any kind of guesstimate as to when we’ll get to the end. How many twists and turns are there going to be? And what will the end actually look like once we get there?

This is where the message of hope gets muddled. Unfortunately, Murthy is only the Surgeon General. The Biden administration also has Dr. Fauci in their arsenal, and he does not offer a message of hope. In fact, he was just recently saying how he doesn’t foresee a time in our future where masks aren’t required.

So, when it comes to listening to what the Biden administration has to say about the pandemic and where it’s headed, are we supposed to listen to the message of hope from Vivek Murthy or the doom and gloom of Dr. Fauci?

Murthy also wanted to talk about the mental health challenges that have been created throughout the pandemic, particularly in children, adolescents, and young adults. He has explained how COVID has “further altered their experiences at home, school, and in the community.”

With the devastating effects that the pandemic has had on everyone’s mental health, it’s all the more reason to try to get back to some kind of normal.

There’s certainly a bit of hope to hold onto within the message that Murthy has shared. Now, if the Biden administration wants everyone to hold onto this, they’ll muzzle Fauci once and for all.

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