Greedy Socialist Finds Out What It Means To Pay Loans She Signed for in Good Faith


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the greediest progressives to sit in the House of Representatives. She could care less about the people she is supposed to represent. She is more inclined to seek out ways of getting rich at the taxpayer’s expense. Her liberal beliefs have led her to think that higher education is supposed to be free. She finally came out of her money-lined closet and stated that she should not have to pay back the $17,000 she still owes on her student loans.

The AOC is a typical socialist who believes everything should be free. She thinks that people should have free healthcare, education, and an entire laundry list of things. But the problem is that nothing in the world is free. That money to provide such services has to come from a source. And will ultimately fail because they are unsustainable programs.

But the loans in question are her own. While the former bartender was in school, she signed a promissory payment note to pay back the money. And what makes her greedy statement even worse is that she earns $174,000 a year. She is single, earning a massive amount of money, and she cannot find it within herself to pay back the money she borrowed for school.

The AOC mouthed off that “I’m 32 years old now. I have over $17,000 in student loan debt, and I didn’t go to graduate school because I knew that getting another degree would drown me in debt that I would never be able to surpass. This is unacceptable.” Her royal pain thinks someone should hand her a higher degree without putting in all the work.

She honestly believes that student loans are for the elite in America. She fails to realize that any person can apply and be accepted. They have to work hard and get their degree to work and pay off the loans. There needs to be some wisdom behind how much money a student borrows. Some people will have to take their time through school. And the AOC is in a great place because her student loans are not that much compared to how much she earns.

The AOC is as greedy as she is ignorant. The student loan program was established so people could afford college. At the start of higher learning, it was usually just the elite that could go. But now, the greedy socialists want to reverse it all and try and make college a public-school setting.

The greedy socialist earns twice as much money as most people in America. And here she sits crying over $17,000 that could be paid off in a few months with her salary. The Daily Wire found that the Foundation for Economic Education reported stated that “Ocasio-Cortez’s $17,000 in student loan debt sounds like a lot, but it probably only involves a monthly student loan payment of $100-$200. It’s hard to know exactly what her payment is without being familiar with the specifics of her loans, but $100-$200/month is a reasonable estimate given that the average graduate owes $28,400 total, which equates to a $297 monthly payment.”

Her little payment is one most Americans would die to have each month. But there is more at stake than just the money. The AOC promised to pay back the money when she signed the loan documents. Her credibility as a borrow and as a person is on the line because she openly wants to default on a loan.

Brad Palumbo, with the foundation, went on to elaborate that the AOC’s rant is full of speculations. He pointed out the student loan debt is not owned by the little kids of the billionaires in America. The loans are issued by lending institutions that work with these types of loans.

The AOC is a nutty toddler that wants everything handed to her on a golden plate. She is not willing to pay off her obligations because she believes that America owes her something for being a spoiled little bartender. She is living the American Dream and cannot see that she has more than millions of others in the country. The Democrats are a party of greedy thugs that want as much money as they can sit on without being caught in criminal actions.

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