White House Staffers Covering Another Bold Faced Lie

Any time the President of the United States is sick people get concerned. When it’s Joe Biden people are even more concerned given his previous health complications and the current push for concern over COVID by his administration. Yet every time he gets sick, or slips, or just says something stupid his aides come rushing along to explain everything away like it’s not only fine but to be expected.

This past week Biden sounded very hoarse and just not himself. Naturally, Fox News’ Jake Doocy called him out on this, and Biden played it off. “I’m okay. I have a test every day, a COVID test…What I have is a 1-&-a-half-year-old grandson who had a cold who likes to kiss his pop. And he’d been kissing my—anyway—it’s just a cold.” Now, read that again.

What’s more surprising to you, a daily COVID test or a grandson kissing granddad’s who knows what? As Biden went on coughing during the whole press conference, his team was making sure to prepare some explanations and clarifications. Biden’s Physician Kevin C. O’Connor clarified that Biden had “increased nasal congestion” and that in turn “can be heard in his voice and he is feeling the colloquially well-known ‘frog in ones throat’.” Psaki in turn also covered for him by explaining that he was not tested daily, and was taking medication for symptoms.

The funny thing about all this is Biden ‘dropping in on’ a supposed family dinner that same evening, without mask either. So the man KNOWS he is sick and is choosing to go out and see family. Much the same, and 1-year-old grandkid coming to see him while the kid is sick? None of this makes sense unless one of two things is going on. Either Biden has some very inappropriate relationships going on. Which let’s face it, is not an idea too far outside the realm of possibility.

Another option being is that he is in a bad situation and needs a way out of it. It could be his health, or it could be he is having to do more damage control for his family before it destroys his already fractured reputation. Any way you slice it, between the lies about what is being done for his health, his current situation in life, and his other problems Biden keeps finding ways to look bad. Nothing he has done inside of the last 90 days or even six months can be discussed in a positive tone.

As time ticks on, Biden will keep finding ways to kick his can down the road. His time in office is passing by incredibly slow, and with every step, he takes there become more and more difficulties in keeping him going on the right path. As he tries to make himself sound like the greatest thing since bottled beer, the more he fails at it.

Joe Biden is already getting himself set up to be one of the most useless Presidents in history. He is passing nothing because he is so stuck on his special plans that he cannot get people together. The idea of you cannot build a house in one step still does not click with him. Despite this, he keeps trying to keep the system going forward and just ends up getting more people harmed along the way.

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