New York Issues Ultimatum To Businesses, Check Vaccination Status Or Require Masks

Dem New York Gov. Kathy Hochul recently announced that she will force businesses to check patrons’ vaccination status or to implement a broad mask requirement. The Dec. 13th deadline will see businesses required to implement vaccine requirements or forbid them from mandating masks. This is to address the winter surge, according to the governor’s website.

Patrons and staff alike will be affected by the new venue and business requirements. The new requirements apply from December 13, 2021, to January 15, 2022. After that, the State will reevaluate according to current conditions. This new measure provides additional measures for holiday shoppers who spend more time indoors gathering and shopping or visiting holiday-themed locations.

Hochul claimed that her top priorities as Governor are to protect New Yorkers’ health and the economy. She claimed that the temporary measures will allow her to accomplish this goal through the holiday season.

She said they shouldn’t have reached this point, especially with the vaccine at hand, and that she shares many New Yorkers’ frustrations that they aren’t past this pandemic yet. She went on to scold those who were are not vaccinated.

Hochul stated that she would like to thank more than 80 percent of New Yorkers for doing the right thing and getting fully vaccinated. She said these measures will be no longer necessary if others follow the example. She said they are at that point based on three metrics: Increasing numbers of cases decreased hospital capacity and inadequate vaccination rates in some areas.

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  1. The people in charge in NYC seem to be doing everything in the power to drive people out. I have read of massive anti-semitism raging in NYC – that is hard to wrap my head around. In my lifetime NYC has had a very strong Jewish presence. They also seem to be driving businesses out – when the businesses go so do the jobs and taxpayers. I hear a lot of talk there about socialism and the $15/hr minimum wage. First off I find it hard to believe that anyone could live in NYC on $15/hr. – remember you will be paying federal – state and city taxes on that income. I was at JFK not too long ago – a beer was $18.00 – uh – plus taxes. I think what the socialist are pushing for and most people don’t get is that if they take over $15/hr will not be the minimum wage – it will be what we ALL are making.

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