MSNBC Airs Racist Meltdown

The word “racist” is one that we hear bandied about quite a lot. Sometimes it seems that anytime someone says something that another person doesn’t like they call them “racist,” or intolerant or something else that has served as a buzzword. These buzzwords work because they’ve been established in this culture as things with negative connotations. In other words, anyone and everyone can understand that calling another culture less than and enslaving or killing them is an offense to the natural order of life. If someone claims the name of Christianity, it’s an offense to the image of God.

So, to define a racist, we have to understand that it’s someone who has hatred, or in the broadest possible interpretation, a distinct negative bias, toward a person due to the race they were born. That’s something that was well established over the last 50ish years in this country.

However, as so often happens when someone (or a lot of someones) is done wrong, there is a huge pendulum swing in the opposite direction, which is what has happened with some people of color, such as MSNBC host Joy Reid. Reid claims to want to banish racism from the United States, while simultaneously engaging in it on a regular basis. Again, by racism, it means either a bias or prejudgement of a person strictly because of their ethnic origin.

For Reid, the sentiment runs toward Republicans, claiming that it’s white people who have a problem with “scary Brown people taking over America,” and it is breaking the immigration system. During MSNBC’s The ReidOut, the host said that the “Nazi-curious” and “open-racism-embracing” GOP don’t want people to have health care and that their “answer to anything and everything is to scream about the border,” calling the right the “dark Republican future,” of the nation, and saying that Democrats are the “responsible” ones, likening the two parties to parents, with Republicans allowing risky behavior and Democrats fostering responsibility and “telling you to be decent to people.”

“[T]hen there’s the other parent, the YOLO parent, the Republicans, who lets you stay up all night and eat Snickers for dinner, and take off your mask in a Covid cloud, and sorry, you can’t have health care if you get sick because YOLO and whose answer to anything and everything is to scream about the border and the scary brown people are taking over America and meh, and history is mean. Cancel it,” Reid said.

Reid went on to argue that Democrats have to do whatever it takes to stay in power because, if not, the “drunk, mostly absentee, Nazi curious, authoritarian Republican Party” will put their “ridiculous, embarrassing, democracy-hating, Trump-cult authoritarianism, open-racism embracing dangerous behinds back in power.”

But Reid wasn’t done yet, and was able to call in backup in the former of Bulwark editor Tim Miller and then-Democratic strategist Juanita Tolliver the MSNBC host claimed that House Republicans would “impeach Joe Biden for…having a son they don’t like,” as well as white-wash any part of history that shows a white person who did wrong.

The supposed journalist launched a continuation of her aggressive attack saying, “[T]he only thing that’s scarier than the fact that there are people walking around in the caucus who the minute they got back in the majority, would take off their masks and maybe cough Covid all over their colleagues and maybe get some people sick or dead, the only thing scarier than that is the fact that — that I cannot imagine any other scenario than those people actually being the leadership of the party,” Reid said. “The fact that our democracy rests in the hands of that crew is terrifying to me. I feel like our democracy rests on the eye of a stupid needle. I don’t know.

So, in other words, be with the Democrats or be irresponsible Nazis. And if that’s not prejudice, it would be tough to say that anything is.


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  1. “The democrats or the nazis?” Hello? The democrats ARE the nazis, Ms Reid. Perhaps you should follow REAL actual history instead of the made up trash that you believe to make yourself feel better then you wouldn’t show how ignorant you are. You ma’am are a revisit so if it’s actual racism you want gone please start by removing yourself from the media. Shame on msnbc as well for allowing this hateful woman any airtime. Most people aren’t racist they are just living their lives. By claiming racism on everything you don’t agree with you are actually taking away from the seriousness of the issue and making a joke of it. Shame on you all.

  2. DAMN, WHERE TO START! This is the most outlandish bunch of horse and cow manure being shoveled by one person who is either BLIND TO THE REAL WORLD or LIVES IN AN ALTERNATIVE WORLD other than the one WE LIVE IN and EXPERIENCE on a DAILY BASIS. Apparently she cannot read either, she is PROMOTING STEALING of ELECTIONS which she say THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY MUST STAY IN POWER no matter what, talk about the NAZI PARTY and AUTHORITARIANISM she just labeled the DEMOCRATIC PARTY as BOTH!
    Then Reid wants to label REPUBLICANS as RACIST when the have been MULTIPLE STUDIES by LIBERAL UNIVERSITIES stating the REPUBLICAN PARTY and it’s members being LESS RACIST than the DEMOCRATS.
    White folks have NO ISSUE with a LAW ABIDDING INDIVIDUAL that is a CITIZEN of the U.S. owning a gun, it is guaranteed in the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.
    From statements that JOY REID has made over and over and over again when she spews out the HATRED DURING HER TANGENTS show her tremendous RACIST BELIEFS! So who TRULY IS THE RACIST?
    Why is FOLKS LIKE JOY REID despise the FREEDOMS offered her in the UNITED STATES FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM which has allowed her to obtain her position in Main Stream Media. Does she not realize when and IF these folks are successful in DESTROYING OUR CONSTITUTION and COUNTRY that she will still have a JOB? Hate to tell her, she will be on the street like the rest of us as SLAVES to the ELITE!
    My opinion is from listening, reading and studying what the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is pushing on us and the type of GOVERNMENT they want to set up, GLOBALISM which is a blueprint of Karl Marx’s COMMUNIST MANIFESTO! Do not believe me do some research it is printed and out there to study. Bill Gates and George Soros are behind it and pushing to DEPOPULATE THE WORLD!

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