Trump Celebrates CNN’s Suspension Of Chris Cuomo

Former President Donald Trump recently praised CNN’s suspension of anchor Chris Cuomo. He released a statement claiming that it was great news and great for TV viewers. 

Trump wondered if it was due to his poor ratings or the fact that his brother was no longer Governor. He replied that it was likely both. He said Fredo had gone in any case! Fredo is Michael Corleone’s brother Fredo.

You can read the full statement here

After shocking revelations by the New York AG into Cuomo’s brother who was elected Dem governor, it was announced by the network that Cuomo would have to be suspended.

CNN issued a statement stating that transcripts from the New York AG’s Office had been released. This revealed new information about Chris Cuomo’s involvement in his brother’s defense. CNN acknowledged the fact.

New documents revealed that Chris Cuomo was more involved with helping his brother than he previously acknowledged to viewers prompted calls for the host’s resignation.

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