Senator Warren Thinks We Have a ‘Good’ and ‘Strong’ Economy

Opinions are everywhere, because everyone has them, and this economy does not escape people having opinions on it. While most Americans are thinking clearly on this subject and realize that there are at least some problems, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has an entirely different outlook. One of positivity, hope, and optimism. In other words; she’s as delusional as the old man running the country.

Speaking with The ReidOut of MSNBC this last Wednesday, Sen. Warren was full of comments about the economy. “So I look at it this way, there are a lot of strong signs in this economy, particularly coming out of the pandemic a lot of good economic indicators. I try to look what is happening in families across this country. Keep in mind the big expenses here, Joy, child care. From the time I was trying to get child care to today, child care expenses have gone up nearly 1,000% for parents. Anybody who is trying to take care of an elderly parent and needs home-based care for it has seen the prices go through the roof. Anybody who is taking a prescription to have it filled has just seen huge price increases. These are big increases that hit a budget hard. This is the reason we need Build Back Better.”

No, Sen. Warren. This is exactly why we don’t need to ‘Build Back Better’. We don’t need more Government support programs, and more policies to inflate our dollar even further into unstable territory, and more reasons for people to be dependent on the Government for everything. That’s not what this country was founded upon, that’s not what this country rose to power and innovations on, and that’s not how our future success will be ensured. If anything this will do nothing but guarantee failure and problems going forward.

Yet in her mind, this all comes down to ‘helping the people do more with less’. This is the same mindset that came with the invention of welfare. People get on these programs and never find a way to get off them. Why? Because employers are not incentivized to pay people a living wage while these programs are out there, and nobody has to be embarrassed to use these programs.

Especially in today’s technological age. No more standing in lines, filling out countless forms or having the judging eyes of neighbors. Now you can do it from home, and people are happy to do it because ‘hey it’s free money’. This mindset is what is driving people more towards the left and their ‘programs’ that are slowly evolving into nothing more than bait to take us into communism; a system that has never and will never work.

However, Sen Warren sees all this and addresses it with glee. “If we’re really talking about what affects people’s pocketbooks every single day, week after week, year after year, it’s these big expenses. This is what is the next bill that’s teed up right now. The House has got its toes right on the line to pass this thing. That will give us universal child care and pre-K that’s, that is going to give us home and community-based care, and it’s going to give us negotiation on drug prices and help bring those costs down. I want to see us move to lower the cost for American families for hard-working families. The way to do that is pass Build Back Better.” This is a shameful statement to read from a Senator and a shameful day for America.

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