Jim Jordan Says AG Garland Misled Americans During Congressional Hearing

Rep. Jim Jordan recently claimed that it looked like Attorney General Merrick Garland has misled Americans during a Congress hearing. Anchor Bill Hemmer states how there’s a letter that was drafted by the whistleblower and not made public. It was shared with some media members but had not been seen by us.

Jordan states that the whistleblower discussed what is in an email sent to FBI agents across the country. It talked about creating this threat tag, placing this label, and this terrorist tag on their parents. Merrick Garland, who had been presenting the bill to our committee, sent the email the day before and said nothing of the kind is happening. He testified that and told Americans that the email was sent 24 hours prior to his appearance before our committee. The whistleblower explains some of this in his letter, but it’s not his belief about the actions that FBI agents were instructed to take.

He said that it sure seems like he misled the American people when he answered that the way he did.

Garland testified before Congress that he couldn’t think of any situation in which the Patriot Act could be used to help parents complain about their children.

Jordan states that the FBI counter-terrorism division sent an email to agents across the country stating that they had placed a threat tag onto parents’ names. He said it directly contradicts it and then asked why it was the FBI’s counter-terrorism division that sent this email to FBI agents.

He said Garland must stop tracking parents, with any label they choose and that it is understood by the American people.

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