Psaki Gets COVID-19; Biden So Far Testing Negative

By Fotomay/

With Joe Biden at the G-20 with the Pope and touring Europe, Press Secretary Jen Psaki was noticeably absent. Sunday her absence was explained as Psaki came forward and announced that she had contracted COVID-19 as well as numerous members of her family.

“On Wednesday, in coordination with senior leadership at the White House and the medical team, I made the decision not to travel in the foreign trip with the president due to a family emergency, which was members of my household testing positive for COVID-19. Since then, I have quarantined and tested negatively (via PCR) for COVID on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. However, today, I tested positive for COVID.” This statement is one of the few things she has been openly honest about, and not bumbled through.

While of course, we wish her and her family a full recovery, it raises the question of how effective their vaccines and masks really have been. As Washington is the capital of the mask Nazi’s, and the White House has everyone taking the jab, how much are they really doing? If she segregated herself from her loved ones and did everything ‘right’ yet still tested positive it sounds like these are completely ineffective steps for prevention.

Yet her plans for return seem a touch…odd.  “Thanks to the vaccine, I have only experienced mild symptoms which has enabled me to continue working from home…I will plan to return to work in person at the conclusion of the 10-day quarantine following a negative rapid test, which is an additional White House requirement, beyond CDC guidance, taken out of an abundance of caution.” This sounds a lot like someone who cannot do her job and wants out.

How many people have tested positive and wished they could work from home? How many wished they could have additional recovery time after getting the virus? Not many can afford the extra time away (since most are being forced to take unpaid time off), and taking extra time off after a negative test would cost them even more money they cannot afford to lose.

Yet in her cushy Government job, Psaki is doing just that. Never mind the fact that as the Press Secretary it is her literal job to appear in front of people and explain the White House stance on topics, and to field questions. Not to work from home and send in transcripts, or to push the work off on her underlings. It would seem as if this extra time off is to give herself a break from the unusual Biden mess and to get her brain back to normal.

With any luck, she’ll be able to come back and articulate proper responses to the questions being asked, and not continue with the song and dance responses she has become known for. Her bumbling and stumbling over simple phrases has been a thorn in the side of many reporters; almost as if she’s spent so much time with Ol’ Sleepy Joe that she is truly starting to become just like him. In turn, the White House has become very worrisome for many. Her job is to inform the people, and his job is to make choices on behalf of the people. If the people don’t know what decisions are being made for them, they don’t know how their lives will change. If the person making the decisions cannot make clear-headed decisions the people are put in danger. This is a potentially compounding situation, and unless Psaki suddenly comes back right-minded, we are going to be left in a bigger mess.

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