McAuliffe Virginia Governor Campaign’s Inability To Combat Race-Baiting BS Blasted By Progressives

A coalition of Democratic organizations has issued mass amounts of criticism to Terry McAuliffe’s loss in Virginia’s governor race. They criticized him for running an uninspired campaign that did not address any of the issues state residents care about.

Several left-wing groups have released statements saying that McAuliffe’s loss by Gov. Glenn Youngkin should be a wake-up call for Dems ahead of the 2022 elections.

The groups emphasized how McAuliffe ran a campaign where he wanted every word he spoke to be about former president Donald Trump, instead of the issues voters care about. They said that McAuliffe’s loss is an example of the radical left’s failure to take on Republican racism and motivate people to turn out and vote. 

McAuliffe ran a campaign that did not have any sort of pro-worker positive messages or offer any hope for the future four years for Virginia. The groups went on to say that the campaign did not even respond to GOP race-baiting, but was simply a campaign meant to fail.

They wrote that it was an experiment to see what they would do next year and that the radical left was “flat-footed by GOP members who “changed the conversation.” The groups said that the Republican candidates created an “education crisis” while adopting an inclusive economic message. They said that it is still possible to keep fighting for Dem voters.

While Critical Race Theory and classroom curriculum were major issues during the governor race, Youngkin pledged to stop CRT from being taught in schools his first day as governor. McAuliffe, on the other hand, has called the opposition to CRT “race-baiting” and claims that the theory had never been taught in Virginia, despite it being present on the state’s education website.

Democrats have even tried to portray McAuliffe’s defeat as a “victory” for White supremacy. Critics have noted that the Virginia GOP will elect Jason Miyares, the state’s Latino attorney general, and Winsome Sears, the state’s first female of color lieutenant- governor. Both candidates have won the race, even though it hasn’t officially been called yet.

Many GOP members have pointed out the irony in Democrats claiming that they want to win the races in order to make a “win” for white supremacy. Conservative commentator Caleb Hull ironically and sarcastically pointed out that it must be the GOP’s “motivation for white supremacy” that lead them to elect the first Latino to Virginia AG and the first black woman to Lt. Governor. 

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