Vermont State Colleges Trustees Adopt Systemwide Anti-Racism Pledge

Vermont State Colleges recently adopted an anti-racism promise that would require a campus racial equity audit. The pledge was adopted by the board of trustees at an October meeting, according to a spokesperson. Lynn Dickinson (chair of the Board of Trustees) shared that the pledge was voluntary but that it was recommended to her by the Student Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.

The Board of Trustees approved a motion to adopt Anti-Racism Pledge, as proposed by Student Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. It also asks community members for safe, diverse, and inclusive campuses.

The pledge mentions that university leaders must provide safe spaces, support systems, and resources for wellbeing for students of color. Their goal is to promote the integration of DEI education in all general education courses. This includes teaching students about social justice and anti-racism. The pledge also states that all who sign will support the implementation and maintenance of DOE education and social-justice training for all employees.

Castleton University is the college’s new proposed name. This will reflect its growth in graduate programs, and help attract foreign and out-of-state students. The school had been looking to change its name for quite some time, along with some of the programs that they offer. The task force members stressed that the pledge would help ensure safety and inclusion for all students and faculty of color on every campus.

The pledge says that community members will be protected from academic, social, and systemic harm. It also includes standards and actions that encourage respect for people of all cultures.

Schools are just now joining in on the woke movement of promoting anti-racism and social justice training for employees and students. Some ‘woke’ companies such as Coca-Cola and LinkedIn have been caught teaching this training to their employees as a way to educate them on “anti-racism” and “white supremacy.” Most of the teachings have resulted in more divisiveness and social unrest, as the training teaches individuals to view every social situation through the lens of race, gender, and class.

At this point, it’s clear that the Democrats love identity politics and making every issue about gender, race, equality, and equity. They’ve continued to advocate for “safe” spaces for people of color without even adhering to the terms of how discriminatory they really are.

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