Psaki Says They Have No Plans To Address The Rising Gas Prices

The Biden Administration has been unable to address the rising gas prices that affect millions of Americans who need gas to drive their cars and run their businesses. White House press secretary Jen Psaki even tried to claim that the high gas prices are what is “necessary” to fight climate change and that it can’t wait any longer. To the Democrats, everything is a crisis.

It was reported that the White House does not currently have any plans to alleviate the gas prices that have hit seven-year highs in recent days. The energy supplies have fallen short as the demand for petroleum products rises in the U.S and other nations. It was also speculated that the oil prices could reach $100 per barrel in the coming weeks. The price of gas for US consumers has reached about $3.29 per gallon, which is an increase of more than $1 from a year ago.

Psaki even said she is “unaware” of any direct talks between Biden administration officials and the energy companies regarding gas prices. A Reuters report suggested that the White House asked OPEC+ to expand their production and address the global fuel shortage but has not offered further details. “I’m not really aware of any contact with the oil and gas companies around this particular issue,” she said.

Psaki adds that Biden’s top economic advisers are considering a range of options to address the shortcomings, but blamed most of it on the pandemic and shortage of natural gas around the world. She said the United States will continue to export natural gas and maintain the current benchmarks for fuel production. She even said that they should talk about a “range of issues” as not all American people are impacted by the rising prices of gas.

“The American people are of course impacted by rising prices of gas, in some parts of the country, not all,” Psaki said.

The RNC Research Twitter account retweeted the clip of Psakis saying this and added the caption, “This is completely false. Gas prices are UP in all 50 states since last year.” Others reported that eight states have average prices under $3 per gallon including Oklahoma, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Alabama, and Missouri.

The national average has still raised from $3.25 per gallon to $3.29 per gallon. For reference, the national average gas price was $2.63 per gallon back in October 2019. Others point out that getting a vehicle with better gas mileage will still end up being affected by the high gas prices, one way or another.

Most have argued that Biden has done everything from day one to stop US-based production and make the people pay as much as they can for gas and energy. He created this mess and has no intentions of getting out of it. That was clear when he canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

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