US Navy SEALs Targeted over Vaccine

Missing from your local news is a story of several hundred US Navy SEALS requesting a religious exemption from the COIVD 19 vaccine. Upon making these requests, many have been ultimately informed that this decision could mean the end of their careers. These are the same men we trust with National security, state secrets, and to carry out the very missions we never hear about to keep America safe. Is it really that surprising that their own medical autonomy is subject to this same level of silence?

With approximately 2,500 SEALS currently serving on active duty, the loss of these several hundred members would be a crushing blow to our military, and ultimately our abilities to defend ourselves and freedom across the Globe. These brave men are charged with making decisions in the blink of an eye that have rippling results that few could comprehend and even less would truly understand. When it comes to the vaccine, these men have done their research. They have found it in conflict with their religious views, and with 69 percent of service members being Christian, their objection to this vaccine is not surprising in the least. As stated by Romans 13 and 14 govern the body of man “Whoever has doubts is condemned if they eat, because their eating is not from faith; and everything that does not come from faith is sin.”

These laws of God are simply above the laws of man. For commanders to disregard these laws of God is to undermine their ability to serve God and County at the same time. In recent years the Military has allowed turbans and beards for those of Sikh faith. They have allowed beards for the Jewish and Norse followers as well. These beards were seen as undermining the authority, uniformity, and discipline of those serving for decades, and (improperly) as a hazard for wearing a gas mask during a chemical attack. So why haven’t they seen the similarities with this vaccine?

Much like the withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaders failed to anticipate what enlisted members already knew; this decision would be a failure. With such a large Christian belief system in the ranks,  they should have realized that this requirement would meet heavy resistance. God has told them that the vaccine is poison. Why wouldn’t they listen to their beliefs over their commanders? There is no higher authority than God, and they do their jobs knowing that they do evil things for a higher purpose. This belief allows them to sleep well, and keep their family safe. This vaccine does not do that for them.

The differing view between religious belief and scientific ‘evidence’ is a story as old as science itself. From the flu to anthrax, to smallpox we have allowed service members the ability to object under religious freedom for decades. COVID-19 should not be any different. These service members simply had to state “This is against my religious beliefs” and the shot was passed over. Perhaps an Officer would need to sign off on it, but it was easy. For some reason this is different, and it makes you wonder why. Why is this so special? Why is this something we cannot see both sides of? Why is this a ‘do what we say or leave’ subject? Why is this making our brave men and women choose between service to God and Service to the Country? Why does this sound eerily like 1930’s Germany?

The shining beacon in this situation has come from Congressman Mark Green (R-TN). Serving as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, he has been supported by every Democrat on the committee in his quest to retain Section 716 of the NDAA. This is the final text of the bill (passed September 23) prohibiting DoD from discharging servicemembers for anything but an honorable discharge for declining the COVID vaccine.

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